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Synonyms for abnegate

deny oneself (something)

surrender (power or a position)

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deny or renounce

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In fact, it asserted a new view that "science cannot be used to draw the line between Federal and State waters, as those are legal distinctions...." (94) This latest action hence appears to view its abnegating, shrunken view of federal power as legally mandated by the Scalia approach.
Haigh sat on the Royal Society board that produced a report on geo-engineering, and, despite these misgivings, she argues that the scientific community would be "abnegating its responsibilities" not to consider it now.
However Santiago stated that to wear a Band-Aid over her nose ring would be "like abnegating [her] religion" (EEOC v.
Mentoring young people, especially young males, to harness their libidos in fruitful, not dysfunctional and socially abnegating, ways is the only means by which the complementary and egalitarian social constructions of human institutions can be holistically realized.
Benjamin Jowett, a Greek tutor at Oxford at the time said, "A man is not a man who does not control his passions." If Hopkins was homosexual, he had devised a way to survive it: abnegating his impulses, his poetry floods with passion.
Like Cavendish and Treadwell, Henley is something of a marriage-bashing feminist--her plays consistently portray marriage as brutal, adulterous, sexless and abnegating. But Henley remains optimistic.
Gatsby will proclaim this lie while simultaneously abnegating himself, never seeming to consider his own life of any importance.
In some cases, they will "opt out" choosing not to be fully informed of the project, abnegating their civil rights and allowing investigators to make choices for them.
The flipside is that participation is seductive and may effectively co-opt employees into abnegating their interests and policing themselves in toxic ways.
Another criticism is that they sentimentalise the past or make it antiquarian by abnegating the context and concentrating on the artefacts.
West Mercia Police's Supt Simon Adams, divisional commander for Herefordshire, said: "Experience has taught us that I would be abnegating my responsibility to protect and police the community effectively if I had not made resources available to handle any incidents in the light of the high media profile being attributed to this event by animal rights campaigners, together with our knowledge of policing similar demonstrations in the past.
Rodgers cites Carolyn Heilbrun in her discussion of the complexity in this position: "Marriage...is a bargain....One chooses it knowing that, by that very decision, one is abnegating other possibilities.
Abnegating this responsibility by hiring helpers to do what is essentially their duty is anathema to the Emirati culture and the new law, when it comes into effect, will weed out factors that can potentially invite neglect and abuse of the elderly.
Many hard-core Labour people resented the way the Liberal Democrats sought to claim credit for the good things that resulted from the Lib-Lab coalition of 2000-2003, while abnegating responsibility for negative aspects of the administration, like the huge rise in hospital waiting times.