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  • verb

Synonyms for abnegate

deny oneself (something)

surrender (power or a position)

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deny or renounce

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This could allow any plaintiff to claim that covering a tattoo or removing a piercing is abnegating a religion.
Abnegating their libertarian foundations, these plays articulate no formulation for postcolonialism or, for that matter, postfeminism.
Mentoring young people, especially young males, to harness their libidos in fruitful, not dysfunctional and socially abnegating, ways is the only means by which the complementary and egalitarian social constructions of human institutions can be holistically realized.
If Hopkins was homosexual, he had devised a way to survive it: abnegating his impulses, his poetry floods with passion.
standing doctrine abnegating the right the Fourth Amendment protects.
Many hard-core Labour people resented the way the Liberal Democrats sought to claim credit for the good things that resulted from the Lib-Lab coalition of 2000-2003, while abnegating responsibility for negative aspects of the administration, like the huge rise in hospital waiting times.
Gatsby will proclaim this lie while simultaneously abnegating himself, never seeming to consider his own life of any importance.
As stated above, as recently as 1979, the executive branch adhered to the historical doctrine of abnegating presidential authority to extradite or render persons in the absence of treaty and statutory provisions.
In some cases, they will "opt out" choosing not to be fully informed of the project, abnegating their civil rights and allowing investigators to make choices for them.