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  • verb

Synonyms for abnegate

deny oneself (something)

surrender (power or a position)

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deny or renounce

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His distancing of his own experience of identification thus leads him to abnegate his responsibility even to envisage the consequences of that identification.
Counterposed Approaches to Leadership/Management/Teaching Messianic Prophetic Leader/ manager/ teacher claims Leader/manager/teacher abnegates to embody the truth and if his his own exceptionally and followers want to be something, recognises each individual as they can only be his shadows.
Although I do, obviously, support people's right to hunt, shoot, fish; as long as some activists are prepared to break laws and intimidate innocent people I believe this abnegates their right to send hard stretched police forces on wild fox chases.
Zealotry doesn't do mercy, fanaticism is immune to fellow feeling, loathing abnegates love.
Arguably, South Africa's greatest lesson for American policy experts is not that zero-tolerance models but that dangers exist when a state abnegates its role as an ameliorator of economic inequalities--and when a state fails to produce social, legal, and criminal-justice environments in which people, young people in particular, trust government to keep order and address their civic needs.