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  • verb

Synonyms for abnegate

deny oneself (something)

surrender (power or a position)

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deny or renounce

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His distancing of his own experience of identification thus leads him to abnegate his responsibility even to envisage the consequences of that identification.
The double no of the title of Wyn Evans and Hecker's and Gidal's works follows this line of argument and abnegates any illusionary or indexical link to any natural "night" or "day.
By contrast, the prophetic leader/teacher/manager is one who abnegates his own exceptionality and recognises each individual as the unique origin of change.
The concept of double consciousness abnegates the view that the colonial veil is simply a color line.
Although I do, obviously, support people's right to hunt, shoot, fish; as long as some activists are prepared to break laws and intimidate innocent people I believe this abnegates their right to send hard stretched police forces on wild fox chases.
Zealotry doesn't do mercy, fanaticism is immune to fellow feeling, loathing abnegates love.