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  • verb

Synonyms for abnegate

deny oneself (something)

surrender (power or a position)

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deny or renounce

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That Goldin has utterly abnegated her earlier work may be accidental; still, these images convey, at last, the decent respect her subjects have all too long deserved.
They claim that his economic proposals do not accurately reflect Church teaching on social justice and, as a result, Ryan has abnegated his Catholic credentials.
For Carlyle, as for Johnson and Boswell, skepticism meant not just intellectual doubt, but also moral doubt: "All sorts of infidelity, insincerity, spiritual paralysis." As Carlyle lamented: "The very possibility of Heroism had been, as it were, formally abnegated in the minds of all.
These countries abnegated their debts, closed up their economies and became resource self- sufficient.
It is the merit of Faye's book that he shows us how Heidegger, who did nothing but preach responsibility for Being, abnegated this responsibility because he did nothing but think of Being.
In another insightful section Davalos also describes the unusual life of Lopez's mother, Margaret, a hard working, activist, creative woman--of a type not circumscribed within the stereotypical mold of Mexican abnegated motherhood--as an influential figure for Lopez, who learned from her dignity, a love of beauty, and to challenge traditional gender expectations.
By their crimes against childhood, their parents have abnegated their right to reproduce.
Religious intolerance dominates public discourse, says Dacey (Center for Inquiry, New York City), only because secular liberalism has abnegated its responsibility to articulate and advocate an ethics free of religious belief.
Congress has abnegated all authority over war, first by passing an open authorization for the president to invade a nation halfway around the world and powerless to threaten us, then by surrendering the power of the purse and funding the ensuing occupation at each turn--long after its pretext was revealed.