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  • verb

Synonyms for abnegate

deny oneself (something)

surrender (power or a position)

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deny or renounce

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Duse's ability to abnegate herself in the process of expressing the feelings of her characters inspired Lowell and shaped her mature selfhood.
There are a number of reasons for this parlous state of affairs, not least of these being that the council decided to abnegate its responsibility for housing repairs to a succession of repairs contractor partners.
His distancing of his own experience of identification thus leads him to abnegate his responsibility even to envisage the consequences of that identification.
Does their "celebrityhood" abnegate normal privacy needs and normal common decency?
And this is the ultimate intention [of Torah Judaism], as it is written: "The end of the matter, when all is said and done: Fear [i.e., abnegate to] G-d ..." (41) What is most interesting about these latter four levels is how they seem to represent paradoxically the deepening of a relationship, together with the progressive negation of the duality required by the entire concept of 'relationship.' The absorption into the Other, the fruition of a relational movement of meditational embrace and self-surrender, is not the negation of relationship, but rather its climax.
This replaces a jury of driver's license holders who know nothing about medicine." Another OGRRGA document notes that "where state provisions could potentially create an issue," the agreements include waivers "to abnegate state law."
It ripples sorrowfully through the melody of the composer's French chanson, "Je ne t'aime pas," and in Maurice Magre's translated lyrics: "For you understand that I don't love you/But don't press my hand or look deep in my eyes." That wounding impulse to abnegate both the love itself and the pain that comes with denial colors every scene of "LoveMusik," an uneven but fascinating portrait of the corrosive relationship between Weill and his wife Lotte Lenya.
This acceptance will abnegate the need for retests and will cut the time to market for new products.
If multinational businesses from the North and the South abnegate their responsibility of getting involved in public policy, they are likely to find that the business environment will become far more complex and constrained, and have far higher transaction costs.
Individuals must be given the opportunity to abnegate their freedom to make choices and, therefore, the individual who possesses that right can only give abnegation.
Nevertheless, our understandings of the role of the intellectual and how knowledge gets created does not abnegate the responsibility of the intellectual and the centrality of academic freedom in the academy.
Self-abnegating deference, on the other hand, expresses an attitude that is more intuitively self-undermining--to abnegate oneself is, in some sense, to deny or to efface oneself.
"Brian was last seen at 2.48am in the Abnegate Street area and was heading towards the Newtownsmith area of the city.