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  • verb

Synonyms for abnegate

deny oneself (something)

surrender (power or a position)

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deny or renounce

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To intone the deepest interiority, the writer of the tragic has to abnegate his subjectivity and his object, and transpose them into a different, alien world, different characters, different events, a foreign personality and an alien objectivity.
in addition to being an abnegate protector of the elderly and children in need.
Instead they meekly submit to the blandishments of developers and in doing so they abnegate their responsibilities to ensure a balanced and sustainable economy for us all.
ISLAMABAD -- Rahimullah Yousufzai, a member of government's committee, has said the Taliban, during the talks, did not abnegate the constitution and had agreed to hold talks within the framework of the constitution.
I, with Emerson, would hope they can, and I, with him, would urge us not to abnegate that responsibility.
This fusion may have faint echoes in Catherine and Frederic's reciprocal pleas to be only what the other wants, to abnegate personal identity.
As with so many issues that are difficult, Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood abnegate responsibility.
Other graver issues than the financing of the royal family are now at issue, however, due to the clear existential crisis faced by the EU to which we have incredibly attempted to abnegate a portion of our sovereignty by ministerial abuse of the puzzling powers of the royal prerogative.
As the shifting mascots of environmentalism so endearingly beseech us to change our habits, meat remains inexhaustibly, obstinately animal, even while we abnegate farm animals' lives.
Unlike Odysseus, Aeneas must abnegate his own will in order to fulfill his historical mission.
If multinational businesses from the North and the South abnegate their responsibility of getting involved in public policy, they are likely to find that the business environment will become far more complex and constrained, and have far higher transaction costs.
Individuals must be given the opportunity to abnegate their freedom to make choices and, therefore, the individual who possesses that right can only give abnegation.
Counselors must be trained to be proactive in defining their own roles within the institutions so that they are not forced to abnegate important functions such as collaboration in school-family-community partnerships.
Genevieve tells Christiane that Jacques knew that Christiane loved him but he could not abnegate his calling, though he carried Christiane's "love like his cross during the last months of his life" (144) and "he prayed fervently that light would come" to Christiane (145).
Masculine rule is still in place within American culture, but those who rule--those men who rightly or wrongly control the greater part of power--are increasingly being pressured to abnegate that power, without, it is important to add, sacrificing their manhood.