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Synonyms for ablutionary

cleansing the body by washing


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Agaat then complies with Milla's ablutionary instruction in order to get her treat.
Kitchen and ablutionary spaces are compacted into the hillside end.
500) and the early medieval period and in enclosures near fire temple compounds during the late medieval and modern periods--although purification rules and ablutionary activities now are declining with Zoroastrian communities in Iran, India, and elsewhere.
The Lepreuse's ablutionary wallowing in the blood of virgin-martyrs, reinforced by the clinical accuracy of her unctuous, hypocritical minions with their sacrificial blade and basin,(118) recalls the `strange apparent cruelty(119) traditionally ascribed to the Jews.
The bathrooms boast freestanding clawfoot baths, Egyptian cotton towels, separate "rain shower" c u b i -cles and enough highend ablutionary aids to leave anyone's toiletry bag bursting.