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discrimination in favor of the able-bodied

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In this Foucauldean sense, self-surveillance and academic discourses, in this case risk analysis and genetics, will suffice to give the illusion of freedom and autonomy while accomplishing an ableist project.
Although over the past two decades sexuality education programs have been created for and targeted to disabled audiences, they tend, as with sexuality education programs for nondisabled adolescents, to emphasize ways to minimize risk of abuse, STIs and pregnancy, rather than ways to enhance decision-making skills, to interrogate gender and ableist norms, or to experience pleasure.
Disability scholars and activists place the blame for this marginalization not on the disabilities but, rather, on the barriers created by society, such as lack of access to public spaces, services and programs, as well as ableist attitudes--that is, a belief that people with disabled bodies are inferior.
The introduction discusses selection methodology as well as the conflict between slang and opropero English, the relationship of slang usage and literacy, populations most apt to use slang, and the problematic subset of racist, ableist, and other oppressive slang terms.
Instead, I think our analysis of illness in literature could benefit from a social model of disability studies that focuses on what Simi Linton has called society's ableist bias (161).
Likewise, as we broaden and complicate our research questions, we would no doubt shift the object of remediation from the individual with LD to the organization of schools, teacher education programs, and ableist practices.
Disability studies opens up frameworks for exploring how ableist assumptions and disability experiences also complicate claims to culture.
traditional ableist assumptions" (52) that permeate virtually
Feminist organizations frequently reproduce classist, racist, heterosexist, ableist, and sexist organizational forms and practices.
1997 'Making space for disabling differences: challenging ableist geographies' Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 15, 379-387
Mason's strategies for survival in an ableist world ran a gamut familiar to most people with disabilities.
On the blog Alex and Ania 'Splain You a Thing, Ania Onion Cebulla asks people to go for one month without using ableist language, which for those not aware, are words for physical or mental disabilities used as insults-including "lame," "dumb," "crazy," "retard," and more.
LEAH LAKSHMI PIEPZNA-SAMARASINHA: One where the white, capitalist, colonialist, ableist patriarchy no longer exists and we've created something that is its polar opposite.
It is true that elements of the play's use of disability recycle conventional aspects of ableist depiction.
As Pooja Gehi and Gabriel Arkles of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project explain, "the primary problem [does not reside] in individuals and communities that are uncomfortably different or even sick, but [stems] from a coercive, violent binary gender system or an intolerant, inaccessible, and ableist society.