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discrimination in favor of the able-bodied

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It's made me realize how much I use ableist language without even thinking about it.
For one thing, I simply needed to try the new idea in the real world to see how it played out; I wouldn't have realized how often I use ableist language if I hadn't made a conscious effort to stop.
Our images of God should reflect this, moving away from images drawn from ableist Western ideals of the autonomous subject with absolute control that then hold these same ideals for human existence and female experience.
Instead, our images should move from idealizing maternity and ableist control to include dependence and interdependences in our doctrine of God itself.
Read through a disability optic, however, Hamm and Clov function within an ableist ideology that views dependent relations as weakness.
Other songs are more self-reflective, including "Don't Know" by wheelchair-bound New York rapper MF Grimm, and some like Rob "Da Noise" Temple's "Pushing Limits" serve as musical mantras that counter attacks on the self-esteem of disabled people living in an ableist society.
However, longer words are much slower to first appear: WEIR with a slice of 206, CANAL with 600, WHARVE with 46441, ABLEIST with 89842, and OCCUPIER with 4722439.
In all, Ngati offers a rich and sophisticated portrait of the uses to which cinema might put illness and impairment, in imagining specific national and racial identities, without succumbing to an ableist agenda.
The distinction between disease and disability further points to a paradigm of diversity within the human community instead of an ableist homogeneity.
They were willing to critique their own classroom practice, and to interrupt racist, classist, sexist, homophobic, and ableist behavior, even their own.
But let us never forget that this nation, this E Pluribus Unum ("from many, one") came from the diversity of the entire world: the traditions, the languages, the cultures, the religions, the belief systems, the totality of the human experience, which must be acknowledged, supported, cherished, valued, and nurtured, never again compelled to melt away into a Eurocentric, Protestant and oligarchically dominated, patriarchal, adultist, heterosexist, cissexist, ableist, ethnocentric stew of ruthlessly mandated conformity.
Sucked into a patriotic vortex (even if we are not US-American) of nationalist, heterosexist, White, ableist, ageist, classist, ecophobic, US-American exceptionalism, we are complicit in the making of the terrorist assemblage--and it is a vast one, certainly not confined to descriptions of people who fly planes into buildings.
Likewise, as we broaden and complicate our research questions, we would no doubt shift the object of remediation from the individual with LD to the organization of schools, teacher education programs, and ableist practices.
While schools for people with mental retardation can be seen, through the retrospectoscope as abysmal institutions tied up with eugenics and ableist notions of normality (although they probably started out as very progressive institutions devoted to the notion that idiocy was not an incurable or irremediable state), it is much harder to characterize schools for the deaf as such, although the easy out is to critique oralism.
These authors also uncovered a variety of sophisticated strategies by the young women to evade the unwanted attention of peers and found that "passing, rather than signalling an internalisation of stigma or self-hatred, serves as a tactic for negotiating what is perceived as an invasion of privacy and for refusing ableist assumptions" (p.