able-bodied seaman

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a seaman in the merchant marine

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After that six-month job, he took another as able-bodied seaman at the boathouse.
Peter Emdall, now 92, shipped in Kobenhavn as an able-bodied seaman during her second circumnavigation in the mid-1920s and had charge of the foremast on the port watch.
Popeye, the world's most able-bodied seaman, sent cans of spinach directly to his arms; Jack Armstrong, the "All-American Boy,' sent glasses of milk directly to his knuckles and teeth.
Widower Harry Hull, 81, of Felling, Gateshead, was an able-bodied seaman in the Royal Navy during the convoys.
Seaman Anderson was rescued in Lifeboat No 3, launched from the starboard side at 1am under the command of Able-Bodied Seaman George Moore.