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Synonyms for able-bodied

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Synonyms for able-bodied

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Synonyms for able-bodied

having a strong healthy body


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Able-bodied and disabled dancers at the session and, right, Helen Mason
With Firefox and Adventure Beyond Barriers Foundation, they seek to facilitate long-term conversation between PwDs and able-bodied individuals through online platforms long after the end of the event.
The study found that despite those with disabilities representing nearly 20 per cent of the country's population, about 95 per cent of characters with disabilities on television are played by able-bodied actors.
The inclusion debate most recently focused on Markus Rehm and his bid to be allowed to compete with able-bodied athletes.
Young people with the debilitating condition face multiple challenges, but they rate their quality of life on a par with their able-bodied peers, according to a new study by experts at Newcastle University.
Our survey of 250 adults revealed a whopping 92.4 per cent of you voted 'No' - able-bodied adults should not be allowed to park in a disabled space, unless there is a registered disabled person in the car.
Many of these able-bodied anglers now fish on a regular basis with some of the disabled partners they were paired with at the tournaments.
"I love what I do and I want to show both disabled and able-bodied children how great swimming is.
I always try to push the boundaries and if I get beaten by a bunch of able-bodied guys it will make me even more hungry to improve in the future.
As school I wasn't really offered the opportunity to do sport, I could only do it outside school where I was a member of an able-bodied swimming club.
2005: Finishes sixth in the able-bodied South African Championships 400m with a world-record time of 47.34secs.
But his dream of competing against able-bodied athletes has long been questioned and challenged by those who believe his use of artificial limbs confers an unfair advantage.
Although Lily has been selected for the Paralympics, she is able-bodied.
Held at the Frost Valley YMCA in the Catskill Mountains at Claryville, New York, the 20 participating disabled and able-bodied athletes undertake outdoor activities including bicycling, canoeing, orienteering and hiking as members of competing teams.
His recent records rival those of the world's top able-bodied runners.