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a seaman in the merchant marine

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Good luck to Ben thingy, the three blondesinaboat(ifthey'restillin it)andeveryother able seaman and womanwhoishoping to be on the crestofawave this summer, but let thegoodfolkof Weymouthpause on the promenade, eattheirice-cream andwonderwhatthehell's g oingon outtherewithoutmakingthempay fortheprivilege.
Margaret Allen, who lost her husband Able Seaman Iain Boldy when he was killed in an Argentinian attack on HMS Argonaut on May 21 1982, will be at the service.
Able seaman Albert E Johnson was just 22 when he died with 11 other crew members aboard the LCT 427 landing vessel which went down in the Solent in the early hours of June 7, 1944.
There were tears by the bucketload, several new babies and one sailor, Able Seaman Mike Marsden, who proposed to his girlfriend Janine Hilton as soon as he stepped from the vessel's flightdeck.
The overcrowded camp at Belemedik was riddled with meningitis and malaria; Petty Officer S Gilbert and Able Seaman A Knaggs died from typhus, Chief Stoker C Varcoe from meningitis and Stoker M Williams from malaria.
He shipped out as an ordinary seaman, worked his way up to an able seaman, then completed studies at New London, Conn.
Rackstraw is supported in his impossible yearnings by fellow singing sailors Bill Bobstay (Justin William McQueen), Bob Becket (Morgan James) and Able Seaman (Jim Bukowski).
Apparently, his transgressions were forgiven, because less than a year later he rejoined the Navy and, within three months, had been promoted to Able Seaman on HMS Shannon, a steam frigate.
Able seaman William McNeilly's departure was confirmed by the Ministry of Defence yesterday.
I was an able seaman for five years and worked on the Belfast ferries for 11 years.
Civilian police seized Able Seaman William McNeilly, 25, at Edinburgh airport after he had been on the run in Europe for eight days.
Prizewinners were: Leading Seaman Beveridge, Able Seaman Matthew Cain, Able Cadet Sharon Boxall, Able Seaman Michael Watson, Leading Seaman Richard Evans, Leading Cadet Maxine Collier and Ordinary Seaman Beever.
Able Seaman Thomas of Trealaw, Rhondda, was serving aboard HMS Hunter, a H-class destroyer, which during the Spanish Civil War was enforcing an arms blockade when she struck a mine south of Almeria on the afternoon of May 13, 1937.
But the bodies of the other crew members - Captain Yury Vladimirovich Shmelev, 44, chief engineer Gennadiy Meshkov, 52, second engineer Mikhail Ivanovich Starchevoy, 60, able seaman Sergey Kharchenko, 51, and the ship's cook Oleg Andriets, 49 - have never been found The hearing is being heard before a jury at Caernarfon and North Wales senior coroner Dewi Pritchard Jones has set aside five days for the inquest.
Able Seaman Dipty Patel, aged 39, from HMS Calliope in Newcastle has been working on the Isle of Lewis, based at the airport in Stornaway since March 25.