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a seaman in the merchant marine

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Eventually, Able Seaman Hall was the sole survivor of his gun crew but, assisted by Lieutenant Young, continued firing for three hours until the wall was at last breached and the citadel captured.
The men who died were: | Stoker Griffith Evans, 21, Royal Navy, HMS Indefatigable, of Somerset Street | | | Able Seaman and gunner Thomas Hooley, 26, Royal Navy, HMS Indefatigable, only son living in North Street.
Able Seaman Mordue is responsible for the procurement and supply chain requirements onboard HMS Iron Duke.
I was an able seaman for five years and worked on the Belfast ferries for 11 years.
Civilian police seized Able Seaman William McNeilly, 25, at Edinburgh airport after he had been on the run in Europe for eight days.
The problem with HMS GB is that with Captain Cameron, First Officer Osborne at the helm and able seaman Clegg on watch in the crows nest, one cannot help but think Titanic.
Able Seaman Bill Savage, from Smethwick, was posthumously awarded Britain's highest award for valour for his part in the raid on St Nazaire during World War II.
Journalist and author Phil Shanahan, who wrote a book about the mission, will give the talk on Able Seaman Grazier (pictured) who, with First Lieutenant Tony Fasson and canteen assistant Tommy Brown secured vital Enigma codebooks.
It's a first Christmas away from home for the former Polesworth High School pupil and Able Seaman Sheppard admitted he would miss being with his parents John and Jayne Sheppard, teenage brothers Billy, Joe and Jim and six-year-old twin sisters Alice and Keira.
The missing crew were named as Captain Yury Shmelev, 44, Chief Engineer Gennadiy Meshkov, 52, Second Engineer Mikhail Starchevoy, 60, Able Seaman Sergey Kharchenko, 51, and the ship's cook Able Seaman Oleg Andriets, 49.
Able Seaman Ryan Samuel Donovan, 23, admitted murdering father-of-four Lieutenant Commander Ian Molyneux, 36, with an SA80 rifle while HMS Astute was docked.
Able Seaman Ryan Donovan, 22, of Hillside Road, Dartford, Kent, was remanded in custody on Wednesday as he made his first crown court appearance accused of Lt Cdr Molyneux's murder.
Cabbie Edmund Grandison is on the high seas in his role as a reservist Able Seaman in the Royal Navy.
He gave his age as thirty-two, place of birth as Scotland, and an experienced sea-dog rank as Able Seaman.
Local men lost were: William Atkinson, (23), stoker Queen Mary; John Bennett, (19), able seaman Indefatigable; Fred Cross, (27), acting leading stoker Defence; Albert Hold, (16), boy 1st class Invincible; Ernest Houghland, (19), able seaman Indefatigable; James Kelly, (19), able seaman Queen Mary; James Micheaux, (18), able seaman Indefatigable; Edward Tait, (19), able seaman Queen Mary; John Thomas, (25), naval schoolmaster Defence.