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0-A torch was kept at a distance of 10 mm far from the surface of the ablator.
This radiation penetrates into the low-opacity ablator and heats it.
From the data obtained, and the state-of-the-art knowledge of ablator physical processes, modules for the specific processes of internal gas flow, internal radiation and gas-surface interaction will be developed to fit inside an overall multi-scale ablator modelling scheme.
Lockheed Martin used the proprietary ablator on the backshell of the successful Genesis mission.
5mm Ablator is designed to withstand the rigors of arthroscopy.
The MSL heatshield will be made of a composite structure covered with a thermal protection system composed of the cork silicone super lightweight ablator (SLA) 561v.
Proposal Title: Test Media Effects on Dual-Mode Scram Jet (DMSJ) Mode- Transition Approximate Amount: $225,000 Proposal Title: Multiscale Computational Model for Multifunctional Nanocomposite Ablator Materials Approximate Amount: $208,000 Proposal Title: Combustion Efficiency Measurement for Ground Test and Basic Hypersonic Research Approximate Amount: $199,000 Proposal Title: Reduced Reaction Models for Hypersonic Reacting Flow Simulations: Model Development and Validation Study Approximate Amount: $144,000 TAO Systems Integration, Inc.
Other EVAs were performed to stow the Orbiter Boom Sensor System onto the station's main truss, and to demonstrate shuttle tile repair materials using the Tile Repair Ablator Dispenser.
With the LightWave(TM) Suction Ablator, ConMed Linvatec expands its line of arthroscopic ablation products for precise tissue removal.
The advent of innovative products such as neurostimulators, analgesic infusion pumps, electrical stimulators and radiofrequency ablators have revolutionized the growth of the pain management devices market.
Cryotherapy can be monitored during treatment by using ultrasound to visualize the ice ball, although experienced radiofrequency ablators can see changes in the tumour and use impedence or temperature for monitoring.
The light/laser ablators segment is further classified into excimer laser ablators (including ultraviolet B laser ablators) and cold laser ablators.
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators, neuro-stimulators, analgesia infusion pumps and radiofrequency ablators are some of the pain management devices.