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This agreement is in line with its commitment to providing a full range of ablator products that cover a variety of arthroscopic procedures for small and large joints and are competitively priced to enable the surgeon and facility to share in cost savings.
0-A torch was kept at a distance of 10 mm far from the surface of the ablator. Temperature evolution with time was monitored and displayed on the laptop, synchronously during the high temperature flame exposure for 200 s on the surface of the polymer composite.
A wavelength range between approximately 525-575 nm has been chosen, as in this range, [C.sub.2], a well known product in ablation processes using carbon containing ablators, is a strong radiator.
* Thermachoice (Gynecare), a fluid-distended balloon ablator. (7) Complications: 22 injuries included retrograde leakage of hot water after balloon failure and transmural thermal injury, with spread to, and injury of, proximal structures.
AE sensing, both with accelerometers and ultrasonic sensors, was utilized to monitor a wide variety of impact conditions on Space Shuttle components ranging from insulating foam and ablator materials, and ice at ascent velocities to simulated hypervelocity micrometeoroid and orbital debris impacts.
Thermo Finnigan MAT sells a 266-nm Nd:YAG ablator designed for open, as well as dosed labs.
The central character is the woman Ablator, whose husband and brother-in-law have been supplementing their income by engaging in ritual murder.
In clinical trials of the Hydro Therm Ablator, use of the device resulted in an average 85% reduction in bleeding in 167 women studied.
NRL is evaluating designs that heat the ablator, to reduce the instability growth but keep the fuel cold (i.e.
M2 PHARMA-January 19, 2017-Bovie Medical Inks Sales Channel Partnership with Conmed for PlazXact Ablator
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 17, 2016-Bovie Medical passes US FDA 510(k) clearance for PlazXact Ablator for arthroscopic procedures
Studies had included the effects of foam insulation, ablator, and ice striking both carbon-carbon materials similar to those that line the shuttle's leading edges and the silica thermal protective ts that cover most of the rest of the craft.
And few men are interested in going under the knife, laser, or radiofrequency ablator for mild BPH.