ablative case

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the case indicating the agent in passive sentences or the instrument or manner or place of the action described by the verb


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For example - chAtrAH vidyAlaye paThanti, Here e suffix of vidyAlaye maps it to locative case, which is desired, but aye suffix will map it to ablative case.
Ablative: Ablative case is a form taken by a noun phrase to express a range of locative meaning 'from'.
The ablative case markers <-laam> and <-nung> in (16a, b,c,d) indicate the original space.
The sentences (17a,b,c) contain compound case marker <-o-laam/nung> which is the combination of the locative case marker <-o> and ablative case marker <-laam/nung>.
Erasmus is clearly impressed with Valla's rendering "of Jesus Christ" in the ablative case instead of the genitive and with the "cure" that that choice seems to effect for a potential confusion in Paul's text.