ablative case

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the case indicating the agent in passive sentences or the instrument or manner or place of the action described by the verb


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How could this help us explain the Lezgian use of ablative case to mark the Agent as performing an act involuntarily, repeated in (14)?
For example - chAtrAH vidyAlaye paThanti, Here e suffix of vidyAlaye maps it to locative case, which is desired, but aye suffix will map it to ablative case.
Each of these rule blocks (the Core Case rule block, the Modal Case rule block and so on) would contain a rule of referral to the general Case rule block, which would capture the fact that the FORM of the Ablative case, or the Oblique case, is the same across all the different FUNCTIONS of this case.
Harmut Scharfe argues that physicians used "esoteric synonyms" to make their terminology difficult to understand by patients, and in the second part of his paper points to an unusual use of the ablative case in the "Kashmirian Recension" of the Caraka-Samhita which, he suggests, might help in localizing the text.
Ablative: Ablative case is a form taken by a noun phrase to express a range of locative meaning 'from'.