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Synonyms for ablative

the case indicating the agent in passive sentences or the instrument or manner or place of the action described by the verb

relating to the ablative case

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tending to ablate

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Thus the potential for the development of CKD in patients undergoing nephrectomy for renal tumours is of particular concern given the observed stepwise association between reduced glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and increased risk of death, cardiovascular events and hospitalization.[sup.4,5] Fortunately, current management of renal masses emphasizes nephron-sparing procedures due to similar oncologic outcomes, while potentially decreasing renal and cardiovascular morbidity compared to radical nephrectomy.[sup.6] These same concerns over renal and cardiovascular morbidity have led to the development of ablative procedures that can be done percutaneously to further minimize operative risk.[sup.7]
Historically the approximative n-set of local cases can be derived from an adpositional phrase in which the postposition used to exhibit the same morphosyntactic properties as different local cases do, namely a lative (LOC+), locative (LOC=) and ablative (LOC-) one: *hepo-n loo-k 'to (beside of) a horse': *hepo-n loo-na 'at (beside of) a horse': *hepo-n loo-ta 'from (beside of) a horse .
Verbs of speech (TELL, TALK, SHOUT/CALL, SAY, ASK, BEG, TEACH, EXPLAIN, ORDER) require that the addressee is marked almost exclusively by AT alone (5a) or a combination of AT with Lative (5b) or Ablative or by the Lative alone.
In some cases source of action can be expressed with ablative se as well.
The department requires a licensed physician to examine a patient scheduled for an ablative or non-ablative procedure to determine the best course of treatment.
Whether physicians implement ablative techniques into their practice or not "depends on a lot of factors," he said.
* After excisional or ablative treatment of CIN II or III, topical 5-fluorouracil appears to be useful as an adjunctive treatment.
Note that the latter's interpretation also throws into question Tjerkstra's account of the animate ablative in nu=wa kuez dUTU-az "From what Sungod?" According to Tjerkstra, the reason this noun is in the ablative (a rare case for animate nouns) is that it refers to a statue of the Sungod, an inanimate object; the answer to the question is "(The Sungod whose) statue (esri) is new" in her translation.
"This is about as good as we can do with an ablative regimen," Champlin said, "but bear in mind that these are elderly patients who could not have received myeloablative therapy."
The first three generations were ablative WORM products, while the fourth is based on phase change technology.
In the Prosper, unde (line 1) and quomodo (line 2) identify ablative phrases by their adverbial function.
14.21), but that passage is no help as a parallel for the construction, since it gives the ablative usual after ferox in Tacitus and other writers to describe the reason for ferocity (cf.
Both reportedly provide easy, low-pressure curing at 350 F and good ablative performance at 700-800 F.