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Synonyms for therapy

the systematic application of remedies to effect a cure

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Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation therapy has recently been established as a standard therapeutic technique.
Conclusion: RAI ablation therapy in thyroid cancer patients is a safe treatment modality without any serious or persistent hematological side effects.
During ablation therapy, catheters, or small tubes, are sent into the blood stream through the groin, and travel up to the heart.
However, in 2007, the mainstay of treatment for advanced PCA remains androgen ablation therapy as originally introduced in the early 1940s.
In the near future, new technologies such as HIFU--which is also being used in other diseases, such as prostate (see Jan/Feb 2007 Post), liver and breast cancers--may enable a wider range of AF patients to be treated with surgical ablation therapy, even offering a possible permanent solution to AF patients.
When our group at the University of Toronto began using topical gentamicin ablation therapy for incapacitating unilateral Meniere's disease in the 1980s, we administered a concentrated solution of 25 mg/ml three times daily for 3 days.
After a year, 74 percent of patients who underwent ablation had improved heart rhythm without drug therapy, as compared with only 4 percent of the control group who did not cross over to ablation therapy.
As the leader in EP navigation systems and ablation therapy, Biosense Webster, Inc.
The proposed transaction further expands Profound's core competency in MR-Ultrasound ablation therapy, and represents an opportunity for Profound to transition from a development-stage to a growth-stage company.
For many years post-thyroidectomy patients with well-differentiated thyroid cancers (WDTC), which include papillary, follicular, and papillary-follicular tumors, have been referred to nuclear medicine for radioiodine ablation therapy and/or annual follow-up with diagnostic whole-body imaging.
The key differentiator of the AcQMap High Resolution Imaging and Mapping System is its ability to truly map AFIB and other complex arrhythmias, identify the mechanism of those arrhythmias, and provide a guide for ablation therapy.
SEATTLE--Isolated left ventricular diastolic dysfunction should not be viewed as a reason to withhold ablation therapy in patients with atrial fibrillation and preserved ejection fraction, new data suggest.
As the leader in navigation systems and ablation therapy, Biosense Webster, Inc.