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The "Ablation Technologies - Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts 2014-2025 " Study has been added to HTF MI offering.
The nerve ablation devices are used to treat patient by minimally invasive procedures, where a microelectrode is inserted inside the patient to heat the nerve tissue.
[ClickPress, Wed Jul 24 2019] In an exclusive report, Transparency Market Research has compiled a range of sections analyzing the expansion of the global EP Catheter Ablation Market for the assessment period, 2017-2026.
The thermal energy disperses to the peripheral area around the coagulation necrosis area and causes secondary damage to ablation zone, resulting in a prolonged damaged zone after ablation (6, 14).
They are also at odds with the primary endpoint result in the two-thirds of enrolled patients without HF, which showed no significant between-group differences in these two outcome measures among the patients assigned to the catheter ablation arm and the study's control, which was medical management arm.
"Recent studies have shown that ablation does a substantially better job than medications at controlling A-fib symptoms, while reducing the risk of cardiac hospitalization and death," says Cleveland Clinic electro-physiologist Ayman Hussein, MD.
Medical device company Innoblative Designs Inc disclosed on Tuesday the receipt of approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its SIRA RFA Electrosurgical Device for ablation procedures in electrosurgery.
(8) prospectively compared MW and RFA in treating small (<2 cm) HCC and found that MWA produces complete ablation rates with significantly larger zones better than RFA, but the local tumor progression (LTP) rates were similar in both techniques.
She was referred for conventional electrophysiological study and radio frequency ablation, which was performed on 11th November 2018.
Objectives: To review 10 years of clinical practice of cardiac electrophysiology study and radiofrequency catheter ablation in the treatment of supraventricular tachycardia.
In the CASTLE-AF trial (Catheter Ablation versus Standard Conventional Therapy in Patients with Left Ventricular Dysfunction and Atrial Fibrillation), researchers compared 179 patients who received catheter ablation with 184 patients who took medication for heart rate or heart rhythm control.
District Court for the District of Delaware awarded Hologic $4.8M in damages for Minerva Surgical's (NERV) infringement of two Hologic patents related to endometrial ablation technology.
Therefore, patients without a tendency to AF would be more likely to present for ablation still in AFl.
Percutaneous image-guided thermal ablation for early stage RCC is a minimally invasive technique that has rapidly gained acceptance as an alternative to surgery.
Remote magnetic navigation (RMN) has been widely used for atrial fibrillation (AF) ablation [1-6].