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The observations suggest that the ablating material is in a transparent state with a distinct front that typically moves upward at a few hundred meters per second.
The SOLAR System, the latest innovative addition to the company's family of laser-based systems, is intended to enable precise delivery and consistent dosing of laser energy for ablating tissue by leveraging flexible, fiber-optic technology.
By ablating the lesions, patients will be able to maintain active surveillance and avoid surgery and other treatments all with well-known side effects like impairment of urinary and sexual functions.
Ablating or disrupting already existing tumor vasculature, without affecting normal vessels, has been considered to be, in some ways, an even more desirable but difficult goal.
Cryoanalgesia is a method of temporarily relieving pain by cryo ablating the affected nerve, causing an interruption of pain impulses to the brain.
Coblation-channeling, which can be performed in the office under local anesthesia, is achieved by ablating a channel submucosally in the nose, mouth, or soft palate.
The HALO90 device will significantly improve cure rates when ablating Barrett's esophagus, either in conjunction with HALO360 therapy or as a stand-alone treatment," says Chang.
CryoFluor has completed engineering and related preclinical activities for its first product, a device to treat abnormal uterine bleeding by ablating the lining of the uterus, or endometrial ablation.