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wear away through erosion or vaporization

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Feasibility of magnetic resonance imaging-guided high intensity focused ultrasound therapy for ablating uterine fibroids in patients with bowel lies anterior to uterus.
However, isthmus block could be achieved only by additionally ablating the isthmus tissue in the SVA.
A more accurate and steadier method for ablating heart tissue in the treatment of atrial fibrillation.
Worms in headless treatments had anterior segments amputated at the line between the 10th and 11th chaetigers (chaetae-bearing segments; note that the first two segments, the prostomium and peristomium that bear the antennae, palps, and jaws, do not have chaetae; thus ablating at chaetiger 10 is the same as ablating the first 12 segments (Paxton, 1986).
"By directly seeing the tissue that we are ablating, there is less chance of a gap in the encircling ablation line," said Dr.
The cyclic oxidation process was found to be more effective than a continuous heating process in ablating the residual carbon from cellulose.
At that point, one of my colleagues suggested that if commercially available gentamicin drops could cause ototoxicity in patients with an open middle ear space, perhaps we could use these drops to intentionally cause ototoxicity in patients with unilateral incapacitating Meniere's disease by ablating vestibular function.
The average time for each procedure was 201 minutes, and the average time spent ablating trigger sites was 32 minutes.
In our patient, urgent initiation of the lymphotoxic anticancer chemotherapy blunted the initial response by ablating the antibody-producing lymphocytes.