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The polymer/ceramic-based coating contains no TBT (tributyl tin) or VOCs and does not ablate or wear away.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on February 4, 2003, to ablate cardiac tissue during heart surgery via the use of radio frequency (RF) energy.
Director of Surgery/Senior Cardiac Surgeon, performed the procedure to treat a patient with a long history of chronic AF using Cardima's Surgical Ablation System which ablates cardiac tissue during heart surgery using radio frequency (RF) energy.
Members of the panel reported that the current method, which uses existing circular shaped mapping catheters and ablates with standard radiofrequency (RF) focal ablation catheters, has been shown to cause unacceptable levels of pulmonary vein stenosis, or narrowing of the pulmonary veins.
The DiamondVac rapidly ablates the various types of soft tissue that are routinely encountered in arthroscopic surgery.
In using the technique to debulk the inferior turbinates, the surgeon ablates the enlarged tissue by channeling into the turbinate of each nostril to provide immediate relief.