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made smaller or less by melting or erosion or vaporization

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The difference in AF burden at the individual measurement periods was not statistically significant, except during the final 24-month monitoring, when the burden in the ablated group ran significantly less than the rate in the drug-treated patients.
Examination of the microstructures of the conventional casting and ablated component revealed the presence of silicon carbide and graphite particles at cell or dendrite boundaries, which is evidence that both the particulate reinforcements were pushed by growing aluminum dendrites into the solute-rich final freezing zones.
In each aquarium, two females were ablated and two were not, establishing the following treatments: 1) Not ablated females, and 2) Unilaterally ablated females.
24-26) and many other researchers have created a mouse model in which Clara cells are selectively ablated with naphthalene, allowing the general role of Clara cells in pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis to be analyzed in vivo.
In each case, a biopsy sample was obtained with a cup forceps, and the entire lesion was ablated with a [CO.
At 2 years, survival was 26% for the nonablated patients and 34% for the ablated patients, said Dr.
Pathological evaluation was performed on the ablated segments to determine the ablation depth and completeness of epithelial removal.
So I did my research and instead of having my scheduled hysterectomy, I had two tumors ablated from my uterus with a new SonoWave procedure and was able to work the following day
The other is a bipolar device, which provides two linear electrodes that are placed on either side of the tissue to be ablated.
In the 43 patients treated, all 172 pulmonary veins were mapped with the REVELATION(R) Helix, with 43 of the veins having no AF potentials, and 129 pulmonary veins had potentials and were ablated with the REVELATION(R) Helix.
As the Perc-D device is percutaneously channeled into the disc, tissue is ablated through Coblation technology's low-temperature molecular dissociation process.
The physicians, using the RPM Tracking System in combination with the company's diagnostic and ablation catheters, successfully ablated the heart rhythm disturbance in 28 of the patients.
Second, should a patient not be satisfied with the initial surgical result or should the patient's eyesight change in the years following LASIK surgery, the original inlay potentially could be replaced with a new inlay that is then custom ablated to correct the new refractive error," concluded Peyman.
The laser automatically imparts a transition zone between the ablated and unablated areas of the cornea to facilitate healing.