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wear away through erosion or vaporization

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That makes the system very efficient, because the laser beam can ablate the next nanoparticles from a different spot, while the cavitation bubble is collapsing.
After first 200 pulses, the subsequent pulses do not have to use most energy to ablate surface material so that afterheat accumulated promotes the generation of pit holes.
Because the carbonized lignin does not ablate as rapidly at 400[degrees] to 450[degrees]C, this residual carbon traps the carbon being ablated from cellulose microfibrils.
The polymer/ceramic-based coating contains no TBT (tributyl tin) or VOCs and does not ablate or wear away.
This method uses bursts from a powerful 248nm laser to ablate a target.
(12) Since then, others have reported success with the use of transtympanic gentamicin to ablate vestibular function in Meniere's patients.
In addition, the company can ablate spirals or contours on the outside tube diameter without piercing through to the tube core.
In addition, it has sufficient energy density to effectively ablate glass, steel, noble metals, plastics, ceramics and biological matrices.
CHICAGO -- The use of cryotherapy to ablate breast fibroadenomas appears to provide a safe and effective alternative to surgery, Dr.
The eximer laser is then used to ablate or reshape the interior of the cornea to correct myopia, astigmatism, or farsightedness.
The current standard of care for tattoo removal is to use a Q-Switched laser to ablate the tattoo ink particles into pieces small enough for the body's natural processes to remove them, that independent studies have shown require on average ten or more office visits to achieve acceptable results.
Exablate Neuro uses focused ultrasound to target and ablate tissue deep in the brain with no surgical incisions.
The decision then was made to ablate the IVC portion of CTI in the SVA.
* A default power setting that allows the device to ablate hard tissue more quickly.