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wear away through erosion or vaporization

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The coating ablates at less than 1/10 the ablation rate of paints, according to the company.
A computerized control unit regulates the flow and temperature of the saline, which is heated to 90 C and circulated for 10 minutes to ablate the endometrium.
The Arctic Front system uses cryoablation, or freezing, to ablate heart tissue between the pulmonary veins and the left atrium.
subsidiary has filed an Investigational Device Exemption with the USA Food and Drug Administration for a study treatment using the company's proprietary NanoTherm technology to completely ablate prostate cancer lesions, the company said on Thursday.
It is also significant that these patients had a severe underlying vestibular disorder, which led to the decision to ablate the vestibular dysfunction with gentamicin.
Gynesonics' disposable, hand-held device combines ultrasound imaging to allow the gynecologist to identify fibroids with radiofrequency energy to ablate the tumor.
This "60/60 Double-Barrel Technology" permits precise cutting for delicate surgery, as with laryngeal papillomas, and is strong enough to ablate large surface areas.
MedicalCV's SOLAR automated surgical ablation system, which is subject to FDA clearance, utilizes laser energy to ablate soft tissue in various surgical settings.