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wear away through erosion or vaporization

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The coating ablates at less than 1/10 the ablation rate of paints, according to the company.
A computerized control unit regulates the flow and temperature of the saline, which is heated to 90 C and circulated for 10 minutes to ablate the endometrium.
This catheter is designed to allow physicians to more efficiently and easily ablate than with a single tip ablation procedure," said Kevin Wheelan, M.
This product works much like a hypodermic needle and can ablate a tissue volume of up to 2 centimeters in diameter.
It is also significant that these patients had a severe underlying vestibular disorder, which led to the decision to ablate the vestibular dysfunction with gentamicin.
MedicalCV's SOLAR automated surgical ablation system, which is the subject of the pending FDA clearance, utilizes laser energy to ablate soft tissue in various surgical settings.
This "60/60 Double-Barrel Technology" permits precise cutting for delicate surgery, as with laryngeal papillomas, and is strong enough to ablate large surface areas.
The Company's family of fluidjet products covered in its expanding worldwide intellectual property portfolio empowers surgeons to simultaneously cut, ablate, and remove hard and soft tissue quickly, safely, and effectively-- without the collateral thermal or mechanical trauma of other surgical modalities.