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a person who abjures

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The chapter ends with a lengthy discussion of Richard the Englishman and his gang, one of whom was an abjurer.
L'eveque convoqua le moine defroque a Quebec pour le contraindre d'une part a s'amender de son apostasie en reprenant l'habit religieux et d'autre part a abjurer l'heresie janseniste.
Their monthly magazine, The Enigma, contained various linguistic curiosities which he had never encountered: long tranposals like MEGACHIROPTERAN-CINEMATOGRAPHER, alphabet shifts like NOWHERE to ABJURER, successive beheadments like ASPIRATE-SPIR TE-PIRATE-IRATE-RATE-ATETE-E, and eight-by-eight word squares.
When the abjurer had confessed, he turned over his goods to the king and departed for the nearest port, dressed as a pilgrim and carrying a cross.
Soit elles etaient contraintes a abjurer leurs <<heresies>> et frappees de peines variees, soit elles etaient remises au bras seculier.
Some longer examples: shift the letters of CHEER seven positions forward, and the result is JOLLY; shift the letters of STEEDS just one position forward, and TUFFET results; and the longest example Dmitri offered, shift ABJURER thirteen positions forward, and NOWHERE is the result.
22) The consequences of abjuration, that is, the perpetual banishment of the abjurer on pain of execution, meant that few suspects chose to avoid prosecution in this manner.