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a person who abjures

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Chapter two looks more closely at the abjurers and their crimes.
(He also mentionedthe ABJURER to NOWHERE item in his first Doctor Matrix column in January1960.)
Cet acte revient a "abjurer" ou a renoncer a "l'idee de sa forme telle qu'elle s'etait apparue par son souvenir des genies superieurs charges de reunir ces cendres passees" (OCI 493 et 858; DSIV 59).
When the abjurer had confessed, he turned over his goods to the king and departed for the nearest port, dressed as a pilgrim and carrying a cross.
Soit elles etaient contraintes a abjurer leurs <<heresies>> et frappees de peines variees, soit elles etaient remises au bras seculier.
Some longer examples: shift the letters of CHEER seven positions forward, and the result is JOLLY; shift the letters of STEEDS just one position forward, and TUFFET results; and the longest example Dmitri offered, shift ABJURER thirteen positions forward, and NOWHERE is the result.