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Synonyms for abjuration

a formal statement of disavowal

Synonyms for abjuration

a disavowal or taking back of a previous assertion

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In spite of these differences, crucially, the plays' climactic events and climactic utterances--rhetorical triumphs, ignominious defeats, abjurations, recantations, retractions, verdicts, and executions--are generated by the legal process.
Hence chapter 4, "Life among Strangers," is more speculative than those that consider the process of abjuration, the abjurers, and the possibility of pardon and return--but not beyond the bounds of acceptable historical argument.
The book opens with a consideration of the role of abjuration in the legal system and spends a good deal of time on abjuration as a form of mercy, rather than punishment.
It was celebrated as the embodiment of the noblest aspirations of man, the abjuration of the scourge of war, the vanguard of international peace, and the champion and protector of rights and fundamental freedoms.
If it is indeed correct to characterise the user-centered approach as an abjuration of interpretation, where might the impetus for this emerge from.
In Ortese's view, the post-war society's refusal of memory corresponds to the abjuration of history that has lead to capitalistic assimilation and cultural homogenization: "senza piu storia [.
He ends the essay with a seeming abjuration of everything political: "What is called politics is comparatively something so superficial and inhuman, that practically, I have never fairly recognized that it concerns me at all.
This declaration, however, does not signify that Hardy's dissatisfaction resulted in a total abjuration of all the philosophical ideas and systems he read.
Sceve's assumed triumphant perch atop Lyon's Mount Fourviere was, however, short-lived, as only weeks later, in early December 1536, the royal poet laureate and prince des poetes francoys Clement Marot (1496-1544) returned from his two-year Italian exile, was exonerated upon public abjuration of his past heresies, and was lavishly received and celebrated among the Lyonnais literati (Dejean 283-89; Guy 240-43).
is the abjuration of any intent to express limited to sculptors.
Bayfield's admission that he had read A proper dyaloge "among company," to cite Foxes account of his abjuration, is intriguing, all the more so along side references by the dialogue's own characters to the "ornate speache" of the Wycliffite excerpt (684).
The 18 papers in the proceedings consider such topics as the geo-strategies and historical perspectives of Pope Urban II and 'Ali ibn Tahir al-Sulami, the impact of crusading ideology on early 12th-century Denmark, the rationality behind Manuel I Domnenos' attempt to reform the abjuration formula for converts from Islam, the Armenian kingdom and the Mongol-Frankish encounter, and Baybars and the crusades in Arab film and television.
Nationally, Carlos Montezuma supported erase-and-replace assimilation and abjuration of old-time, past-tense Native traditions, but he worked in Arizona to support Yavapai land rights, Pima water rights for irrigation, even rights to Indigenous dance, which he called the "occasional celebration" (Iverson 423).