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Synonyms for abjuration

a formal statement of disavowal

Synonyms for abjuration

a disavowal or taking back of a previous assertion

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In bringing control over a disobedient bishop and criminous clerks into the picture, Sartore muddies the waters still further, without providing any substantive discussion of how abjuration and sanctuary operated as forms of exclusion, and how they interacted with outlawry and exile.
Description is alternated with voluble abjuration, ending with the demand that the spectators must demand a recall by flapping their togas (Am.
Just as magic is conceived as abjuration of religion, repentance is conceived as the abjuration of magic: "Abjure this magic, turn to God again" (1.
8) Lettre du Gouverneur de Quebec, James Murray, au gouverneur de Massachusetts, Francis Bernard, en 1766, dans laquelle il affirme que les Acadiens << formerly refused to take the oath of allegiance and abjuration >> reproduite dans John Greenleaf Whittier << The Neutral French in Massachusetts >> The National Era Newspaper VIII: 400 (21 septembre 1854), en ligne: Acadian and French-Canadian Ancestral Home <http://acadian-home.
to stimulate users towards more economical handling, along with not such significant abjuration.
In the epilogue of the 1999 text, Costello reminds thus of a beast bereft of a 'rational soul', in the Aristotelian sense, now paying a high price for her trumpeted abjuration of logocentric modes of thinking.
If there was a common political strategy and ideological thread in the forty-one years of dictatorship, it was the absolute abjuration of conflict and the imposition of a phony social peace and stability through repression.
Another kind of escape is the abjuration of will, the surrender to mystical forces that supposedly determine one's fate.
Maria's uncle's abjuration of the social demand for heterosexual marriage brings out his latent aesthetic productivity, hinted at by the "passion" created by and maintained through his writing of letters to his beloved, yet transformed into an impulse for creating for himself a unique personal identity.
He is Lewis' satirical abjuration of the utilitarian strand of classical liberalism and its materialistic ethos of enlightened individual self-interest typified by Mill, who, in On Liberty (1859), argued that self-interested competition among individuals served the "general interest of mankind" and that society is compelled to ameliorate suffering of individuals who lose in that competition "only when means of success have been employed which it is to the general interest to permit--namely, fraud or treachery, and force.
John Ruskin's emphasis on the Gothic workman's abjuration of "rules and models," for instance, set a standard outside of telos, and was taken up by the Arts and Crafts Movement--whose partisans suggested that handiwork developed more rounded people and emphasized the "art that is life.
Mathers does not limit his abjuration of white entertainers to a single target.
In this respect Deja Vu submits itself to the criticism that it is an abjuration of real world ethical concerns.
Nothing is more powerful than your abandon, your smooth abjuration,