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in a hopeless resigned manner


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I went out of the tavern straight home, confused and troubled, and the next night I went out again with the same lewd intentions, still more furtively, abjectly and miserably than before, as it were, with tears in my eyes--but still I did go out again.
Bulstrode's sickly body, shattered by the agitations he had gone through since the last evening, made him feel abjectly in the power of this loud invulnerable man.
Once before he had tried Spencer, and choosing the "Principles of Psychology" to begin with, he had failed as abjectly as he had failed with Madam Blavatsky.
sanguinea, which, as we have seen, is less aided by its slaves than the same species in Switzerland, I can see no difficulty in natural selection increasing and modifying the instinct--always supposing each modification to be of use to the species--until an ant was formed as abjectly dependent on its slaves as is the Formica rufescens.
He feels her superiority through every pore; he never before realised how absolutely inferior he is; he is abjectly polite, and contemptibly conciliatory; if a friend comes to see him, he eagerly praises her in case she should be listening behind the screen; he cannot call his soul his own, and, what is far more intolerable, neither is he sure that his body really belongs to him; he has read of ministering angels and the light touch of a woman's hand, but the day on which he can ring for his servant and put on his socks in private fills him with the same sort of wildness of joy that he felt as a homesick schoolboy at the end of his first term.
Pike, who had been trembling abjectly, took heart at this open mutiny, and sprang upon his overthrown leader.
He is the most depraved, and abjectly vicious specimen of that class of men.
He knew - yes, as he had never known anything - that, SHOULD he see the door open, it would all too abjectly be the end of him.
He conceived himself to be calm -- inexorably calm; but as a matter of fact he was daunted; not abjectly, but only so far as a decent man may, without becoming loathsome to himself.
When asked why Lahore Qalandars have failed abjectly in the tournament despite the talent hunt programmes they had arranged all over the country throughout the year, Aaqib said: 'Our talent hunt programme has got nothing to do with the Pakistan Super League.
The IPHRC delegation squarely condemned the egregious human rights violations committed against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, and declared it deplorable racist behavior, where a minority is abjectly discriminated against on the basis of race, religion and origin in all spheres of life, including their socio-economic and political rights.
It's the SNP's responsibility to grow the economy,but it is abjectly failing to do so.
It's the SNP's responsibility to grow the economy, but they are abjectly failing to do so.
The Frenchman admitted he did not know why his men had performed so abjectly and failed to muster a single shot on target.
He said Sindh is generating more revenue for the country than any other province, but still it is desperately backward and abjectly poor.