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In the second part, Kristeva's abjection will be exploited to elucidate the shift in or loss of subject positions especially through the hallucinogenic drugs referred to as "butteflies", furthering the discussion of the abject in connection with language, personal narratives and memory.
Corral's Yale Younger Poets Prize, and Juan Felipe Herrera's Poet Laureateship--have put the tensions between the cultural ascendance of Latinos and their civic abjection in sharp relief, thereby highlighting an asymmetry between the Republic of Letters and the Republic of Super PACs.
3) So "Feminism's Abject Selves" it was, and I am pleased to report that the title immediately elicited indignant responses from several quarters, notably on the part of those who feel that abjection is best left to others.
Kristeva defines abjection as that which can be neither subject nor object but is radically denied or cast out.
I explore this contradiction by pushing the boundaries of what the material is capable of, taking it to its structural limits, to the point of possible collapse in order to draw out these seemingly opposite elements of jouissance and abjection.
According to Placida, the clergy hates her town (8); in turn, the locals consider him a foreigner, an abjection, and thus reject him.
In his own model of empty or "bare life," Giorgio Agamben stresses a mode of abjection activated by sovereign power; bare life is what is left-over after "proper," qualified life is violated; bare life is exposed, precarious, excluded.
If these authors refer to abjection as a necessary part of the mother/child relationship, a necessary phase of identity construction, we might consider that in Monoceros the abject that has to be eliminated is the homoerotic element.
Applicando la teoria della abjection formulata da Julia Kristeva in Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection (1982) all'analisi della Vita nuova e di A Portrait, il presente saggio intende dimostrare come Joyce non si sia limitato a far suoi la struttura e i principali temi dell'opera dantesca del 1295, ma come sia stato l'unico ad aver colto un'autoriflessione letteraria a opera del frammentario personaggio di Dante nonche l'imprescindibilita del passaggio attraverso una fase di "estraniamento" e, conseguentemente, di abjection, quali punti di svolta verso la formulazione di un linguaggio poetico nuovo.
Milton's God, the Son, Adam, Eve, Samson, and other poetic voices all participate in processes of abjection that lead to questions about how they earn the sovereignty they assert, assume, or abandon.
What Perovic does well is describe the descent into despair after the end of a relationship: the hopelessness, the utterly bizarre but entirely explicable acts of madness that illuminate the dark days of abjection.
Also, it's a time of lawlessness and abjection, and the dark realm of ghouls and witchery.
Furthermore, Mandolessi argues, several facets of the larger Argentine literary tradition, such as nationhood and genre, themes and motives such as rupture and adherence to tradition, may be reconsidered in light of the concept of abjection and Gombrowicz's contributions to Argentine literary production.
James, Paul Gilroy, and others, and interrogating an oft-overlooked temporal moment in Caribbean Studies, Fumagalli locates instances of powerful hybridity and resistance to overarching narratives of oppression and abjection from within North Atlantic modernity and the Caribbean region.
This is interesting because of the sense of absolute dejection these Australian films bring to the genre--in Wolf Creek, the heroine is granted a fate worse than death and Saw (along with its sequels) witnesses pain and abjection for all.