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While the visceral descriptions that permeate Auschwitz and After are frequently mentioned in analyses of the work, they are usually held up in passing to mark the limits of what the reader can witness and know, a critical approach that conflates abjection with the inaccessible, traumatic sublime.
With God help the Child, Morrison not only exposes a new aesthetic of blackness by painstakingly depicting the wounds of racial trauma, but she also throws light on the way that a dominant group fabricates racial abjection by stigmatising a whole category of people as filth, dirt and defilement.
'Body Parts of Empire' is a study of abjection in American visual culture and popular literature from the Philippine-American War (1899-1902).
Couched in a similar socio-religious setting, both Villanelle and Girl must perform psychical (and physical) abjection in order to extricate themselves from their respective social bonds and achieve some semblance of agency beyond the hegemonic social construction of woman.
Whereas Gober's melancholic objects dealt with all the complexities of the body's condition at the peak of the aids crisis, and its subjugation to an unsympathetic health-care system, Kelly shifts her focus toward the bodies of her time--at risk of unwittingly becoming digital abjection. Gober's drains are patiently crafted copies; Kelly's are distorted, nearly unrecognizable.
Keywords: Philip Ridley, Contemporary British Drama, Jacques Lacan, Julia Kristeva, psychoanalytic critical theory, abjection
poetry emerges in a crux of ascendance and abjection in unexpected, uneven, and subterranean ways.
This understanding of adolescence relies on two overlapping conceptualizations from Kristeva's work: abjection from Powers of Horror and adolescence from a chapter in New Maladies of the Soul.
Abjection lives in the dark heart and I experience my repulsion/desire: a bodily experience of the visceral and domestic, this link to food, to body.
Another is a Romantic embrace of abjection, at odds with the measured calm of his novels.
The abjection of the Other becomes one of the subtexts of the story, and the image of the boat one of its early representations.
Gauna emphasize this ambiguity--the question the body poses to political power--in several ways, which I will characterize as abjection, projection, and introjection.
That is, "the realm of beauty, art, and literature" represented for them the means of restoring a France that had succumbed to "abjection," dissolution, and feminization owing to communists, homosexuals, and above all, Jews--as personified recurrently by the socialist prime minister, Leon Blum.