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a hypothetical organic phenomenon by which living organisms are created from nonliving matter

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Abiogenesis is the only band in the world that plays Howey and Bamhum.
of India, New Delhi, Abiogenesis with their two new young recruits Kora Aier, 24 on Bass and Akhiu Kips, 17 on drums gave an energetic power packed one hour performance from 7 to 8 pm with tracks from their four albums.
Rather than a curious niche that life evolved into, the halophile environment now may take center stage as the likely location for key aspects of abiogenesis," he said.
As Rabate points out, Joyce's early conception of lice derives from Aristotelian abiogenesis, the notion that small living organisms can develop from non-living matter.
This process, also called abiogenesis, was the process by which, in Paracelsus's time, many lower creatures, such as insects, were thought to originate spontaneously from rotting organic matter.
It is important to state that the theory of evolution is not concerned with how life on Earth originated; the origin of life is explained in natural science by abiogenesis or biopoesis, which acts as the other side of the theory of evolution by proposing the ways in which life could have arisen out of inanimate matter.
As explained in World Book Encyclopedia, the biologists assume that abiogenesis occurred only once.
What about abiogenesis (the evolution of life from non-living precursors)?
Asi, recuerda que el inicio del pensamiento evolutivo actual esta en la teoria de Huxley (1870) de la abiogenesis o generacion espontanea aceptada tanto por Aristoteles como por una gran cantidad de pensadores del medio evo, segun la cual la materia viva puede producirse por materia no viva.
If Yeager would like explanations for the other matters, specifically abiogenesis, thermodynamics and the Big Bang theory, he may ask me or any other high school chemistry, biology or physics student.
It should be taught to make the students aware of the majority view, but they should be given a critical exposition to have them understand the speculative nature of abiogenesis and common descent.
Darwinism and neo-Darwinism do not have any answer to the question of abiogenesis.
A number of workers have studied abiogenesis of various compounds of biological interest, such as amino acids, nucleic acid bases, sugars, and phospholipid-like materials in a laboratory simulated atmosphere.
Evolutionists distinguish between organic evolution, which they claim accounts for the present diversity of life forms, and chemical evolution, or abiogenesis, which deals with the question of how life arose from living matter.
Lazaro Spallanzani, el antiespontaneista era un abate italiano, y John Needham, su adversario, defensor de la abiogenesis, era un jesuita ingles.