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Synonyms for abidance

acting according to certain accepted standards

the act of dwelling in a place

the act of abiding (enduring without yielding)

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Karnataka [India], Nov 25 ( ANI ): In a bid to promote abidance to road safety rules, police in Karnataka's Kalaburagi district gave roses to people following traffic norms.
The only way out is the abidance of Maliki with internal and external demands and leave the way for others to form the new government", he confirmed.
He urged law abidance, stressing the need to fight sleaze and graft and foster transparency, integrity and accountability to protect public money.
He further said that strict abidance by merit and judicious use of all available resources are the key to removal of backwardness, poverty alleviation and socio economic development.
It occurs as a result of the influences exerted by the object's behavior or attitude and includes abidance, compliance, and obedience.
Taipei, April 30, 2012 (CENS)--To curb the simmering housing-price hike, the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) is comprehensively checking the extension of realty loans by domestic banks, to assure their abidance of the regulations of the FSC concerning realty loans.
Implementation of democratic reforms requires abidance by laws from the authorities and citizens.
Abidance of Jewish law necessitates that animals are treated with kindness and respect.
Section I is composed by assayers of FPDisplay Industry research center, under the abidance, and it will be published officially by 20, July, 2005, after a period of two months' deep investigation and analysis.
TEHRAN, Aug 7 (KUNA) -- Iran on Monday rejected US plans to inspect the country's military sites, which reportedly aim to test Tehran's abidance by the nuclear accord struck with world powers in 2015.
As per a statement by the Association, it said that the meeting tackled the current financial and banking situation in Lebanon and the region, with emphasis on the measures adopted by the Lebanese banks in a precision and regularity manner, in anticipation of the various risks and abidance by the proper banking norms in compliance with international resolutions, particularly the mechanisms of the application of US sanctions and the law of US tax-compliance.
Teltronic, significant part of the Sepura Group, has declared the abidance of its complete portfolio of onboard items with new European standard EN 45545.
In a statement following the meeting, Al-Bushra said the meeting comes as part of his office's support for the students on scholarships to get adapted to their new academic and educational environments, listen to their proposals, review their social and cultural activities plans, get-acquainted to the obstacles facing them and discuss the extent of abidance of Saudi student clubs by Canadian local regulations regarding convening of meetings and holding of elections and celebrations.
Tunisia stands in full solidarity with the UAE and demands that the seat of the diplomatic mission be evacuated, in abidance by international conventions and resolutions.
It will also make it important for companies to attach a great care to the different humanitarian, ethical, professional, environmental, labor right, transparency at work, health, education, training, rehabilitation, abidance by laws and regulations, being away from financial, ethical corruption and local community development aspects.