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Synonyms for abhor



Synonyms for abhor

to regard with extreme dislike and hostility

Synonyms for abhor

find repugnant

References in classic literature ?
Nature, always abhorring monotony, institutes reserves of temper as elements in the composition of the gentlest women living.
From my experience, I would say that in the San Fernando Valley, they require good light while abhorring direct sun, even if that sun shines on them directly for only one hour a day.
She is particularly successful in distinguishing between different voices of Montaigne: that of a moralist abhorring lies, but uneasy about baring himself completely; that of a skeptic undecided where to draw the line between truth and untruth; the voice of the pragmatic politician who knows that veracity may jeopardize public peace.
For example, he appears to identify the value of what he calls the typographic mind-- "detached, analytical, devoted to logic, abhorring contradiction'-- too closely with the actual practices of book-reading societies.