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Synonyms for abhor



Synonyms for abhor

to regard with extreme dislike and hostility

Synonyms for abhor

find repugnant

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But rather like Marshall McLuhan is commonly misperceived as celebrating a media-drenched culture which, in fact, he abhorred and warned us against, so Orwell is often regarded by those who haven't bothered reading him as a cross between Machiavelli and Stephen King; as some dour fantasist who took perverse delight in imagining the horrors of tyrannical states.
Part Two, "White Abolitionists and Violent Means," asserts by its title that some whites that abhorred slavery considered violence.
They did it solely out of grievance and hatred -- hatred for the values cherished in the West as freedom, tolerance, prosperity, religious pluralism, and universal suffrage, but abhorred by religious fundamentalists (and not only Islamic fundamentalists) as licentiousness, corruption, greed and apostasy.
Best known as Oscar Wilde's first male lover and, ultimately, his literary executor, Ross was remarkable for his constancy and generosity to all his friends, his influential artistic tastes (although he abhorred impressionism), and his commitment to keeping Wilde's legacy alive.
Opposition to tranvestism on stage may have been limited to those who fundamentally abhorred the theater.
The inhabitants of Melbourne first abhorred the concept, then grew to like the way the most elegant, the Rialto, glimmered and flickered in the fickle Melbourne weather.
He abhorred the gentlemen's agreement of the British scientific societies, established during the civil wars of the seventeenth century to avoid sectarian conflict, which dictated that one member's claims would not be publicly disputed by another member.
One of Canada's most prominent painters, Alex Colville has, for decades, either been revered or abhorred by critics for the kitschy, naive sentimentality of his realist paintings.
Any serious student of America's founding era knows that the men who created this nation abhorred democracy, the essence of which is unbridled majority rule.
Perhaps because of a flaw of logic anti-racists abhorred the brutal Nazi regime under Hitler, and its treatment of Jews, gypsies and others.
They abhorred artificial birth control, for example.
But Williams abhorred the institutionalized servitude imposed on black South Africans, and that day he insisted on doing his share of the driving.
In the case of pension programs, reformers abhorred the older patronage systems so endemic to the U.