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Synonyms for abhor



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Synonyms for abhor

to regard with extreme dislike and hostility

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Synonyms for abhor

find repugnant

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I abhor violence but a young mum alone at midnight, seeing strangers where they ought not to be, is, in my opinion, entitled to pick up any weapon that comes to hand.
ODE TO A HOBO I have a visitor, who comes twice a day, He always turns up, whatever I say, I tell him to clear off; I won't feed him no more, He takes no notice that's for sure, When I say "you're far too fat", I know he's thinking "well, I'm only a cat!" But I say "I'm only trying to prove, I really don't like being used." He brings me presents that I abhor, Because I don't want to bury dead birds any more.
However much one may abhor their views they still have the right to express them peacefully and without fear.
Today, outsiders frequently buy into the image of "terrorist" Arabs who oppress women, promote religious extremism and abhor Western civilization.
I abhor the personal ads that are looking for someone who is "straight-acting." Don't get me wrong.
The childhood life lesson he learned best was to avoid judging people and to abhor slavery.
Even Kathy Acker's Empire of the Senseless, for those students who made it (or skipped) to the end, saw Abhor, "part robot and part black" (3), attempt to write her own story.
Sure, it was a monumental clanger ( but if we demand to be entertained, if we grouse every time a game bores us into a deep sleep, if we abhor negative tactics, then we simply cannot hammer Thierry Henry for encouraging Robert Pires to indulge in a spot of bother.
We'd still love and protect our families, fear death, abhor tyranny, and enjoy a good meal.
This "painting" runs counter to computer artists' more general tendency to abhor a vacuum, fueled perhaps by their ability to fill pictorial space at the click of a mouse.
Furthermore, the United States authorities have never indicated formally or informally that he has been the subject of any investigation, let alone that he was a "suspected terrorist financier." Sheikh Khalid and his family abhor terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.
offers insect repellent products that are DEET-free and 70 percent organic, including a repellent lotion ($6) made from an intoxicating blend of essential oils and a sweet-smelling spray ($7) that bugs abhor. The company also offers an anti-itch cream ($5) formulated with aloe vera, witch hazel and oat flour that promises to quickly relieve the unwanted effects of a bug bite.
The Muslim Council of Britain said the poll shows most British Muslims 'abhor' terror attacks.
While I abhor the use of violence against anyone, including immigrants, either legal or illegal, in this post-9/11 era the issue of the porous border, as mentioned in Tim Vanderpool's article ("Border Vigilantes," April issue), is one of utmost importance and concern.