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Synonyms for abettor

a person who helps

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Synonyms for abettor

one who helps or encourages or incites another


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The Philippines has become "a willing victim" and "an abettor" for its current policy in the disputed waters, he added.
Ergo, you are a murderer not an abettor of suicide because that decision was not yours to make.
New York case law stipulates that a nexus must exist between the aider and abettor and the primary fraud.
Pakistan, June 25 -- Probe report says constable may be abettor
But automatically applying the same (strict liability) mens rea standard to the aider and abettor (the one loaning or selling the gun)--which is precisely what the federal aiding and abetting statute requires (7)--clashes with the congressional intent behind [section] 922(d).
The chapters, which are organized by state, consider each state's recognition and understanding of the implied duty, prohibited and permitted conduct, aider and abettor liability, and litigation issues.
The judge ruled that Saravia was an "aider, abettor, and co-conspirator" in Romero's murder by hiring the getaway driver and paying the assassin about $200.
After deliberation, the CAS panel has decided to accept its jurisdiction to hear the FAW appeal, but has dismissed the appeal on the merits.Contrary to the opinion of the FAW, the panel has considered that the Football Union of Russia could not be assimilated to an 'accomplice or abettor' of Titov under the terms of the Uefa disciplinary regulations and consequently could not be sanctioned.
Hambleton); (6) "1998 Civics and Writing Level-Setting Methodologies" (ACT, Inc.); (7) "The Criticality of Consequences in Standard Setting: Six Lessons Learned the Hard Way by a Standard-Setting Abettor" (W.
For example, abettor could take the over-under on Apple and Compaq, GM and Ford, Gannett and the New York Times.
Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has held that recklessness is sufficient to establish scienter if the alleged aider and abettor owes a fiduciary duty to the defrauded party.
Merely being present at the spot does not make anyone an abettor." Regional TV journalists Kamlesh Raval and Mayur Raval of Unjha town in Mahesana district were booked by the police for exhorting 29- year- old Kalpesh Mistry to commit suicide in front of the Unjha police station, allegedly to garner TRPs for their channel.
District Court for the District of Massachusetts dismissed aider and abettor liability claims against Price Waterhouse but sustained other securities law actions against the firm.
Ashique Shahani, the SHO above mentioned police station, confirmed the killing of Ms Nasreen and his alleged paramour Bashir Lolai and said that police have registered a case [12/2018] under con-cerned laws at Bado Police Station on the behalf of state and assured raids must have continued till the arrest of main suspect and his abettor, Kamal Lolai, the brother of deceased newly wed bride, to main-tain law and order situation in the area for the wel-fare of the people.