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Synonyms for abettor

a person who helps

Synonyms for abettor

one who helps or encourages or incites another


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Abettor, a five-member band from Larnaca, are known for mixing things up as the musicians marry the sounds of older, heavy music with non-stereotypical music genres such as progressive, grunge, stoner and trip hop.
violation; and substantial assistance by the aider and abettor in the
The judge described him as the bottom of the pile and an aider and abettor of the drug trafficking organisation.
New York case law stipulates that a nexus must exist between the aider and abettor and the primary fraud.
Dileep was booked under Section 376 ( rape) while his wife has been charged under Section 114 ( abettor present when offence is committed) of the IPC.
Pakistan, June 25 -- Probe report says constable may be abettor
But automatically applying the same (strict liability) mens rea standard to the aider and abettor (the one loaning or selling the gun)--which is precisely what the federal aiding and abetting statute requires (7)--clashes with the congressional intent behind [section] 922(d).
There was every indication the so-called victim was an accomplice and aider and abettor.
The allegations at most portray Barclays as a culpable aider and abettor," Judge Melinda Harmon said in the order, adding that was not a basis for private civil liability.
The chapters, which are organized by state, consider each state's recognition and understanding of the implied duty, prohibited and permitted conduct, aider and abettor liability, and litigation issues.
The judge ruled that Saravia was an "aider, abettor, and co-conspirator" in Romero's murder by hiring the getaway driver and paying the assassin about $200.
He is the greatest aider and abettor of its destruction that Dublin and the IRA have ever had," said Mr Paisley.
For example, abettor could take the over-under on Apple and Compaq, GM and Ford, Gannett and the New York Times.
Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has held that recklessness is sufficient to establish scienter if the alleged aider and abettor owes a fiduciary duty to the defrauded party.
But, before they do so, the event will be opened by the local alternative rock band Abettor.