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Synonyms for abet

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Synonyms for abet

to give support or assistance

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Words related to abet

assist or encourage, usually in some wrongdoing

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After 1790, the arguments he directed against the alleged abetters of Jacobinism in England and in Ireland, though, betray a deep apprehension that a virulent, fatal perversion of the goals of "party" had established itself through the misuse of theory and language and the abuse of religion.
He said when PML(N)-led government tightened noose around Pervez Musharraf, all political parties including PPP started asserting pressure asking as to why action was not taken against abetters of the dictator and why Pervez Musharraf alone was being targeted.
"We are contending that those companies were linked in ways to the South African government, such that they were aiders and abetters of crime.