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one who helps or encourages or incites another


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Sparring with champions has made Vijender abetter boxer
This offers abetter online experience and reinvigorated social channels to provide ongoing style inspiration," Lambright said.
Abetter description might be "Controlled Muzzle Constriction.
Meanwhile, it transpires from a record of the Friday government meeting, that major road project such as the extension of the Hemus highway, the construction of the expressways Sofia-Kalotina, Sofia-Vidin and Sofia-Ruse and the purchase of a new fighter jet for Bulgaria's Air Force are postponed for abetter timesa due to money shortage.
The lower prices [of gold and silver] have created a positive sentiment in the buyer and sparked a buying spree as buyers feel they are getting abetter value for their money.
In a country where most residential towers have their own gym facilities, Gold's Gym is looking to lure members with the promise of a larger range of equipment, more floor space and abetter atmosphere, with the COO highlighting group exercise classes and personal trainers as the star attractions.
Nowhere else in the country gets abetter percentage of students achieving ve A to C grades than the North East, and we've topped that table since 2008.
ABetter border checks, longer controls on new countries joining Europe, restricting rights to benefits when people come here, stopping recruitment agencies hiring only from abroad and - most importantly - tackling the exploitative practices like low pay and zero-hours contracts that lead to the undercutting of wages and conditions of workers already here.
Abetter term than "education" is "transmission of learning," which encompasses process--including formal, informal, and nonformal aspects--as well as the specific content imparted from teacher to student.
Consequently, abetter adoption of the MIQE guidelines for experimental design and as a checklist for peer reviewers will substantially increase the scientific value of RT-qPCR data.
Borzi explained, at the Plan Sponsor Council of America (PSCA)'s 66th Annual Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, last September, that regulators do an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking when they think a problem exists and are not sure a regulation will solve it (see "Income Projections: Showing Participants aBetter Way (http://www.
And yet, perversely, I want to argue that there has never been abetter or more important time to go to law school and to become a lawyer.
Abetter Dactyloscopy from Qualitype covers the entire workflow of fingerprint analysis.
A son or a daughter of parents in agricultural or elementary occupations has less reason in 2006 than in 1998 to believe he or she can aspire to abetter job than her or his father, the data shows.
Through interpretation we come to understand the meaning of what at first appears alien, and participate in the production of a richer, more encompassing context of meaning--and by doing so we gain abetter and more profound understanding not only of the 'text' but also of ourselves.