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one who helps or encourages or incites another


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ABETTER salary, worklife balance and working environment are among the factors which make the majority of Brits want to work for themselves.
ABETTER deal for millions of workers in the "gig economy" is promised in a governmentsponsored report by Matthew Taylor, Tony Blair's former head of policy, published this week.
The 33-year old Indonesian maid testified that she met the defendant and he convinced her to leave hersponsor for abetter job.
When Adams was a child, his father would take him on "dream-building exercises," often driving the gentrified streets of northeastern New Jersey to look at beautiful homes and "see how the other half lives." Robert pushed him to never stop dreaming of abetter future and to capitalize on the tools he had to achieve it.
Abetter study of these cells is crucial, therefore, to aid in clinical efforts to diagnose and treat such conditions.
It is relatively easy to treat when diagnosed early and has abetter prognosis as compared to chronic CRPS which is more likely to result in dystonia, atrophy, and dystrophic changes [2, 3].
ABETTER system for sharing out the money from the red meat levy has been proposed to ministers in Wales, Scotland and England.
Sparring with champions has made Vijender abetter boxer
"When you focus on the idea [of happiness], you're abetter brand," said McDonald's CMO Deborah Wahl.
"This offers abetter online experience and reinvigorated social channels to provide ongoing style inspiration," Lambright said.
Meanwhile, it transpires from a record of the Friday government meeting, that major road project such as the extension of the Hemus highway, the construction of the expressways Sofia-Kalotina, Sofia-Vidin and Sofia-Ruse and the purchase of a new fighter jet for Bulgaria's Air Force are postponed for abetter timesa due to money shortage.
"The lower prices [of gold and silver] have created a positive sentiment in the buyer and sparked a buying spree as buyers feel they are getting abetter value for their money.
In a country where most residential towers have their own gym facilities, Gold's Gym is looking to lure members with the promise of a larger range of equipment, more floor space and abetter atmosphere, with the COO highlighting group exercise classes and personal trainers as the star attractions.
Nowhere else in the country gets abetter percentage of students achieving ve A to C grades than the North East, and we've topped that table since 2008.