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Synonyms for abet

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Synonyms for abet

to give support or assistance

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Words related to abet

assist or encourage, usually in some wrongdoing

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Haji said it was not the first time the bank had abetted fictitious transactions, citing previous cases where suspects in the National Youth Service scandals transacted huge sums through the bank.
The wrinkle in this otherwise straightforward analysis is that Gordillo did not commit murder, but rather aided and abetted attempted murder.
Agyapong appears to have abetted several offences, ranging from assault, causing harm, causing harm with the use of an offensive weapon, attempted murder and murder by instigating the public by reaching out to the public to visit the indicated violence on them, and by the operation of our law, the offence of abetting a crime through instigating violence is committed, even if no member of the public lifts a finger in furtherance of the invitation.'
A Sri Lankan man who tried to transit through Singapore with a forged Canadian passport and a man who abetted him were each sentenced to eight months' jail on Monday (Jan 7), the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) said in a press release today (Friday).
It also included sections 500 (punishment for defamation), 501 (printing or engraving matter known to be defamatory), 505 (II) (statements conducing to public mischief), 228 (intentional insult or interruption to public servant sitting in judicial proceeding), 121 (waging or attempting to wage war or abetting waging of war against the state) and 109 (punishment of abetment if act abetted in consequence and where no express provision is made for its punishment) of the Pakistan Penal Code.
On October 17, the Law Officer made a statement in the Delhi High Court that they have not found anything against anyone and now in six months they say that I have abetted a suicide.
Thus, the Fred Fuller decision expands potential liability not only to individual employees who engage in alleged harassment or discrimination, but also to other employees who are alleged to have assisted ("aided" or "abetted") the harasser, or who allegedly obstructed or prevented compliance with the law (engaged in retaliation).
2d 525, 540 (SDNY 2009)) A defendant may consider whether the complaint adequately alleges the existence of the underlying activity that was aided and abetted. The adequacy of the inquiry will be specific to the claims in issue, but should not be overlooked.
As per details the accused Farhad Khan was posted in Land Acquisition Section of Provincial Housing Authority, Peshawar, The accused being a clerk assisted and abetted Land Acquisition Collector in this illegal Land Scam and withdrew an amount of Rs.5, 400,000/ as cash from the official account of Land Acquisition Collector (PHA).
The 65-year-old lost his appeal in September over a string of crimes committed by the Sierra Leonean rebels he aided and abetted during the country's civil war.
Appearing before US District Judge David Briones, he admitted that between December 2005 and January 2007, he knowingly aided and abetted others in an illegal attempt to export zinc/silver oxide reserve batteries, a special component of the Hawk Air Defence Missile, to Iran.
The Plaintiffs argue that Alcolac aided and abetted Iraq in committing the crimes against the Kurds, but Alcolac asserts that the claim is not recognized by international law.
According to some sections of the media, Giuseppe Viola, who is accused in court documents of running a Ponzi scheme, is believed to have been abetted by Citigroup, Inc in the United States.