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Synonyms for abet

Synonyms for abet

to give support or assistance

Words related to abet

assist or encourage, usually in some wrongdoing

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The elements, however, abetted me in making a path through the deepest snow in the woods, for when I had once gone through the wind blew the oak leaves into my tracks, where they lodged, and by absorbing the rays of the sun melted the snow, and so not only made a my bed for my feet, but in the night their dark line was my guide.
I went so far with it in my imagination that I employed myself several days to find out proper places to put myself in ambuscade, as I said, to watch for them, and I went frequently to the place itself, which was now grown more familiar to me; but while my mind was thus filled with thoughts of revenge and a bloody putting twenty or thirty of them to the sword, as I may call it, the horror I had at the place, and at the signals of the barbarous wretches devouring one another, abetted my malice.
The following dialogue I have held a hundred times: 'Is it not a very disgraceful circumstance that such a man as So-and-so should be acquiring a large property by the most infamous and odious means, and notwithstanding all the crimes of which he has been guilty, should be tolerated and abetted by your Citizens?
Now, Mrs Varden, regarding the Maypole as a sort of human mantrap, or decoy for husbands; viewing its proprietor, and all who aided and abetted him, in the light of so many poachers among Christian men; and believing, moreover, that the publicans coupled with sinners in Holy Writ were veritable licensed victuallers; was far from being favourably disposed towards her visitor.
He soon recovered the effects of his attachment, for we find his name in the parish register, as a witness to the marriage of Maria Lobbs to her cousin; and it also appears, by reference to other documents, that on the night of the wedding he was incarcerated in the village cage, for having, in a state of extreme intoxication, committed sundry excesses in the streets, in all of which he was aided and abetted by the bony apprentice with the thin legs.
As per details the accused Farhad Khan was posted in Land Acquisition Section of Provincial Housing Authority, Peshawar, The accused being a clerk assisted and abetted Land Acquisition Collector in this illegal Land Scam and withdrew an amount of Rs.
The 65-year-old lost his appeal in September over a string of crimes committed by the Sierra Leonean rebels he aided and abetted during the country's civil war.
Appearing before US District Judge David Briones, he admitted that between December 2005 and January 2007, he knowingly aided and abetted others in an illegal attempt to export zinc/silver oxide reserve batteries, a special component of the Hawk Air Defence Missile, to Iran.
In addition to the conspiracy charge, al Darbi is alleged to have aided and abetted the completed terrorist attack against the French oil tanker, the MV Limburg, which severely injured multiple civilians and caused a large oil spill in the Gulf of Aden in 2002.
According to some sections of the media, Giuseppe Viola, who is accused in court documents of running a Ponzi scheme, is believed to have been abetted by Citigroup, Inc in the United States.
And measures enacted by the federal government permitting--and even encouraging--the summary seizure of private property through "asset forfeiture" has abetted corruption on the part of cash-starved local and state governments, many of which have adopted policies that treat police as revenue farmers.
They were assisted and abetted by the media which denounced prohibitions against "gays" giving blood as "discrimination.
Brunner, a German writer and journalist, tells us about the British aquarium mania that swept the country in the 1850s, abetted by the growth of dealers who handled the difficult task of capturing and transporting the denizens of the deep.
Shari Darling devotes her considerable experience and expertise (she is a contributor to "Food & Beverage International" magazine) to layout "breakthrough principles" of food and wine pairings in a true celebration of multicultural cuisines, abetted by easy cooking techniques and the use of fresh ingredients.
Abetted wonderfully by drawings from the artist of the macabre, Gahan Wilson, this book is a guilty pleasure, pure and simple.