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any of various deciduous or evergreen ornamental shrubs of the genus Abelia having opposite simple leaves and cymes of small white or pink or purplish flowers

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Observaciones preliminares del comportamiento de forrajeo de Thygater aethiops sobre Abelia grandiflora en el jardin botanico "Jose Celestino Mutis".
In a larger garden, the evergreen Abelia 'Edward Goucher' would add all-year-round interest and extend the autumn flowering season," he adds.
Identification of floral compounds from Abelia grandiflora that stimulate upwind flight in cabbage looper moths.
To get acquainted with my yard, I consulted a local nursery and came away smiling after learning the red and white trumpet flowers of lush honeysuckle vines and purple floral clusters on Abelia shrubs are providing nectar for hummingbirds.
Abelia 'Edward Goucher': semi-evergreen shrub with glossy foliage and long bloom time; tubular, 1-inch-long, soft-pink flowers aren't produced in huge quantities, so bloom time extends from summer to autumn.
As in previous ceremonies for Justices Deschamps, Fish, Abelia, Charron and Rothstein, the Right Honourable Madam Chier Justice Beverley McLachlin made introductory remarks and offered her own words of welcome to Justice Cromwell: "This ceremony completes his welcome to his new legal community.
Spirea (Spirea bumaldi), Abelia, honeysuckle, beauty bush, Indian currant, snowberry, slender deutzia, and privet respond well to this treatment.
There are models of the destroyers Montgomery and Vanoc (both built 1918) and Fame (1934), sloop Pelican (1939), corvette Abelia (1943) and frigate Allington Castle (1944).
Hummingbirdhawks" were reported to me from Southport down into Wirral, with buddleia proving the most popular foodplant for them, but they have been feeding on a range of nectar producing flowers from asters to abelia.
63, 65, 66); in a cist grave in the tumulus at Abelia in Pella (Chrysostomou 1998c, p.
Abelia grandiflora (Caprifoliaceae) fue otra de las especies frecuentemente visitada por T.
Short Tubular flowers: Glossy Abelia (Abeliax Grandiflora), Porter Weed (Stachytarpheta purpurea), Pineapple Sage (Salvia elegans), and Blue Anise Sage (S.
Abelia (France), Isabelle Herbelin, Product Manager; phone: 33-14-907-8346; fax: 33-14-776-0810; p.
For a shrub with real 'flower power' go for an Abelia.