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a poplar that is widely cultivated in the United States

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"Upping your business acumen is a no-regret move," says Abele. "Improving your ability to work with a more diverse group of people is also no cause for regret.
Citing sagging support from state officials, Abele's nearly $1.2 billion budget proposal for 2019 asks many departments to absorb a 1.1 percent reduction in their support from taxpayers and a year's worth of inflationary increases even as infrastructure costs continue to pile up.
Kgosi Moje o lebogetse bomme ba phuthego gore ba bone go tshwanela gore ba abele ba bangwe ka seo ba supa lorato la Bakorinta.
We are honored to present this year's award to John Abele and Pete Nicholas."
Abele said because of the bus' speed, the truck's trailer pushed about 15 feet into the bus.
Armases species have a flattened and slightly broader than long carapace, long propodi, and short dactyli in the legs for climbing the tree stem (VANNINI et al., 1997), mobile fingers often extended into the base with granules scattered on the dorsal surface, a second pair of pereiopods without pubescence on the dorsal surface of the propodus (ABELE, 1992).
Abele. The Abele had the dubious distinction of being the only vessel in WWII to be hit by two types of Japanese suicide bombs, a kamikaze airplane and a pilot-guided rocket called an Okha bomb.
The inflatable child seat is designed by Lawrence Abele, a design manager at Volvo's Los Angeles-based Monitoring and Concept Center.
Designed by Latvian studios Didzis Jaunzems Architecture and Jaunromans un Abele, the structure is located in the Garden of Destiny overlooking the River Daugava, a park designed to celebrate the country's anniversaries and remember people who died in wars.
-e g a, -n Little Luc Abele, five, from Caerleon, near Newport, completed the race dressed as Spiderman with big sister Chloe, seven, and mum Lydia, while students from Cardiff University's cricket team attempted it in their full kit.
The independent committee consists of Asa Thunman (chairman of the committee), Peter Wallenberg Jr, Peter Abele, Johan Jarvklo and Hakan Thurfjell.
Reminiscent of the way that some Latin American novelists wrote during the decades of the Boom (1960s-1970s), Inga Abele takes the reader on something of a magical mystery tour.
To tie in local history, the books also focus on Philadelphia historical figures Frances Anne Wister and Julian Francis Abele. Wister was a patron of the arts and Abele was an African American architect who helped design the city's Museum of Art.
Abele View Ltd, which ran the home near Stourbridge, West Mids, was fined PS133,000 at Stoke crown court after admitting failing to ensure the safety of its residents.