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Synonyms for abecedarian

one who is just starting to learn or do something

Words related to abecedarian

a novice learning the rudiments of some subject

a 16th century sect of Anabaptists centered in Germany who had an absolute disdain for human knowledge

alphabetically arranged (as for beginning readers)

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DB: However one interprets the evaluations of demonstration projects like the Perry Preschool and Abecedarian, the unavoidable conclusion is that the measured impacts of three national programs that seek to implement their approach--Head Start, Early Head Start, and Even Start--have been tragically "disappointing," the word used by most objective observes.
The Abecedarian Program studied 111 disadvantaged children, born between 1972 and 1977, whose families scored high on a risk index.
5 Mother arrested, child age 15 18% 58% Mother conviction, child age 15 6% 28% Source: Karoly (1998, 2001) Table 3 Statistically Significant Benefits of the Abecedarian Early Childhood Intervention Preschool Control Special education, age 9 25% 48% High school graduation, by age 19 67% 51% Years of education, age 21 12.
Preventive Education for High Risk Children: Cognitive Consequences of the Carolina Abecedarian Project.
Children in low-income, mainly black families who took part in the Carolina Abecedarian Project, which provided educational day care from infancy to age 5 and in some cases included additional school help up to age 8, showed significant jumps in IQ and academic achievement, compared to kids who did not attend a preschool.
It is also quite abecedarian in that it presents introductory material apt to be known by all linguists and Semitists.
The advocacy organizations and state programs, with their clever names (Smart Start, More at Four, Every Child Matters, Vote Kids, Invest in Kids, Pre-K Now, Abecedarian, etc.
Studies continue to document the effects of some programs, including the High/Scope Perry Preschool Program (now part of the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation) and the Carolina Abecedarian Project.
Some of these programs include Head Start, the Perry Preschool Project, the Prenatal Early Infancy Project, the Abecedarian Early Childhood Intervention, and the Chicago Child-Parent Center Program.
Instead of writing properly acrostic verses (like the Hebrew abecedarian psalms), he spells out the title by capitalizing six letters at seemingly random points (rather like the enlarged letters found in some Hebrew prayers).
A recent study tallied the results of the Carolina Abecedarian Project.
Given that these results equaled the effects found for the Abecedarian Project after five years of preschool, and given the reported dropout rate, it is likely that the treatment and control groups were not equivalent.
Masse, Comparative Benefit-Cost Analysis of the Abecedarian Program and Its Policy Implications, 26 ECON.
I also refer to the Carolina Abecedarian Project and the Chicago Child Parent Center Program as well as a quote from an interview with Richard Rothstein, research associate at the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.
Part of Incarnadine's accomplishment is its thematic consistency and structural restlessness--the collection not only grapples with traditional forms (the villanelle, terza rima, an abecedarian, sonnets, and hymns), but also experiments with lyric prose, erasure, overheard conversations, concrete poetry, etc.