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This evidence led to the abductor in Lahore who was arrested.
This evidence led to trace the abductor in Lahore who was nabbed by Islamabad police team from there.
He said the abductors negotiated with husband of woman and agreed for Rs 500,000 as ransom for release of woman.
On information provided by the abductor woman, the police recovered the child and also arrested the Nigerian couple to whom the kidnapped child was sold.
El nervio plantar lateral solo en su origen se relaciona con el nervio plantar medial, siendo mas vertical que este, se dirige distalmente relacionado con la cara medial del calcaneo, cubierto por los vasos tibiales posteriores hasta el margen superior del musculo abductor del hallux, donde la arteria tibial posterior se divide en los arterias plantares medial y lateral, acompanadas de sus respectivas venas.
Therefore, Ethibond suture is preferably used for reattachment of the abductor muscles, the capsule, and the external rotators in THA.
Last week, serial killer profiler John Kelly told (http://people.com/crime/sherri-papini-missing-2016-expert-lucky-to-be-alive/) People magazine  he wasn't convinced that two armed women kidnapped Papini. Kelly said the people involved in the kidnapping terrified Papini into lying about her (http://www.ibtimes.com/sherri-papini-latest-update-did-california-mother-lie-about-abductors-expert-believes-2458227) abductor's real identity.
(1) Tears of the abductor mechanism, more specifically gluteus medius tears, have recently gained a considerable amount of interest in the orthopaedic literature.
NNA - At 13:45, as an army intelligence patrol tried to free the Syrian abductee Raafat Youssof, the Syrian abductor Abdul Rahman Issa Hussein struck a member of the patrol with a Hyundai car, according to a statement by the Lebanese Army Command.
The tendons of abductor pollicis Longus and extensor pollicis Brevis were carefully exposed up to their proximal and distal attachment.
The Celtic captain is struggling with an abductor injury and will miss his side's SPL clash against St Johnstone at McDiarmid Park tonight.
He stated that although the faces of the abductors were covered but the masks of the driver of the van and another abductor fell due to which Salam could identify both of them.
Palacios picked up an abductor muscle injury in the second half.
The girl's screams alerted neighbors, who called 911 and attempted to follow the abductor's car in their own vehicles.
PARENTS in Formby are being warned about a potential child abductor who may be at large in the area.