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the criminal act of capturing and carrying away by force a family member

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(physiology) moving of a body part away from the central axis of the body

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First to his mind, naturally, had sprung the thought that Astok of Dusar had stolen the fair Ptarthian; but almost simultaneously with the report of the abduction had come news of the great fetes at Dusar in honour of the return of the jeddak's son to the court of his father.
When he had gone and Momaya had succeeded in partially subduing her anger, she gave herself over to thought, as she so often had done since the abduction of her Tibo, in the hope that she finally might discover some feasible means of locating him, or at least assuring herself as to whether he were alive or dead.
But, if I run away with her afterward, and if you are there, aiding and abetting me, we are guilty of Abduction, and we may stand, side by side, at the bar of the Old Bailey to answer for it
I can tell you this, Launce, if I am to be persuaded into marrying you, the law of Abduction is the only thing that will induce me to do it.
As long as there was an English army between Brussels and Napoleon, there was no need of immediate flight; but he had his horses brought from their distant stables, to the stables in the court-yard of the hotel where he lived; so that they might be under his own eyes, and beyond the risk of violent abduction.
I could not have believed that a simple towing operation could sug gest so plainly the idea of abduction, of rape.
Miss Miggs remarked, and very justly, as an abstract sentiment which happened to occur to her at the moment, that she dared to say the locksmith and his wife would murmur, and repine, if they were ever, by forcible abduction, or otherwise, to lose their child; but that we seldom knew, in this world, what was best for us: such being our sinful and imperfect natures, that very few arrived at that clear understanding.
Pickwick, how dare you allow your fellow to be employed in the abduction of my sister?
In a word, the single gentleman was bursting out of the office, bent upon laying violent hands on Kit's mother, forcing her into a post-chaise, and carrying her off, when this novel kind of abduction was with some difficulty prevented by the joint efforts of Mr Abel and the Notary, who restrained him by dint of their remonstrances, and persuaded him to sound Kit upon the probability of her being able and willing to undertake such a journey on so short a notice.
West Midlands Police investigated 39 child abductions and 33 child kidnappings in the last financial year.
CHILD abductions and kidnappings in the West Midlands ran at double the national average last year, worrying new statistics revealed.
This melted the memory blocks instilled by the aliens during the abductions and exposed traumatic experiences that were buried deep within her subconscious.
The government has started reinvestigating past marine accidents in waters off Japan to see if they could be linked to North Korea's abductions of Japanese nationals in the 1970s and 1980s, transport minister Akihiro Ota said Friday.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Sunday he is ready to promote talks with North Korea to resolve the issue of the country's past abductions of Japanese nationals.
Currently, the majority of international abductions are carried out by the parent that is the child's primary caregiver (typically the mother).