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Synonyms for abduct

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Synonyms for abduct

to seize and detain (a person) unlawfully

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Synonyms for abduct

take away to an undisclosed location against their will and usually in order to extract a ransom

pull away from the body

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Senior police officials said that they have arrested some family members and tribal noblemen of dacoits and in exchange of this dacoits set abductees free from Ghari Taigu from where they were brought to Sukkur through boat.
"The steadfastness of the abductees and their families, their strength and patience during the time of abduction from one side, and the determination of the army heroes ,some of them have sacrificed their soul to liberate the abductees-women and children-from the other side, will be a lesson in patriotism and national act," the President affirmed.
Since then the family members went from pillar to post to get early and safe recovery of the abductee. Local citizens including, Ulema, traders, District Bar Association and NGOs staged demonstration to protest against the kidnapping of the most popular orthopedic of the area and demanded his early recovery but the police failed to recover him which created sense of insecurity among the common man.
A Japanese woman kidnapped by North Korea is under special surveillance in Pyongyang along with 50 abductees from the South, in line with an order by leader Kim Jong Un, a support group for relatives of South Korean abductees said Tuesday.
Despite important common features, however, we observe very different outcomes in South Korea and Japan on the abductee issue.
Days or weeks later, in response to a therapist's hypnotic suggestions, the abductee may generate details of being sexually probed or otherwise assaulted by the aliens, McNally notes.
On the human level, the Japanese families and friends of the abductees are entitled to their anger and outrage.
In a case reported in Harvard psychiatrist John Mack's book Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens (1994), an abductee claims that the experiences occured on Native American sacred ground.
The abductee's father, a business man by occupation told that the kidnappers demanded Rs 20 million as ransom from the family of the abductee.
On complaint, Jhang Bazaar police team traced out the location of abductee and recovered him from a site at Mureedwala.
According to police sources, the relatives of abductees Shahin Khan, Faiz Mohammad and Khan Mohammad informed police about them who reached their houses safe and sound.
Speaking to SANA, the mother of the abductee Sari Karata who came from Lattakia to join the families of the kidnapped persons, said that this is one of the most difficult moments in her entire life after her son was kidnapped in Douma four years ago, adding that "We are all confident in the Syrian Arab Army and we were happy by the agreement to liberate all the abductees."
Sharing his unpleasant experience, an 8th grade student abductee, Ayazullah son of Abdul Malik said that early days of his abduction were tough as the kidnappers put them in a dark room, somewhere in Afghanistan.
Chakwal -- The mystery of seven year old boy student disappearance was solved as Dhudial police recovered the abductee from Mardan and he was handed over to his parents.
ATTOCK -- Local police arrested three abductors and recovered the abductee in a sting operation in Attock area of Ringo on Tuesday.