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Synonyms for abduct

Synonyms for abduct

to seize and detain (a person) unlawfully

Synonyms for abduct

take away to an undisclosed location against their will and usually in order to extract a ransom

pull away from the body

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Muhammad Wali was abducted from Karim Pura in 2009, while case of Sayel Afridi was lodged in Hayatabad Police Station who was abducted from Tatar Park in 2010.
The kidnappers wanted to take the abducted engineers to Quetta in Pakistan via Maidan Wardak province," said the statement in Pashto.
Speaking to reporters following a workshop in Ankara on Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister BE-lent Arync said the responsibility to prevent the PKK from abducting children and to return abducted children belongs to the Kurdish politicians representing the Kurdish population in Parliament.
The kidnappers released two of the 11 abducted in Syria last September.
We know that before or during school holidays is one of the most common times for a child to be abducted and so we''ve just launched a campaign to help inform and educate the UK public and encourage parents thinking of abducting their child to think twice before they cause significant distress to both the child and their family.
More than 200 people have been abducted in Yemen over the past 15 years, many of them by members of the Arabian Peninsula's powerful tribes who use them as bargaining chips with the authorities.
The source added that a joint force of the police and army launched a search operation in different parts of the valley and Rutba desert looking for the abducted people.
The researcher, Juhi Tyagi, contacted a local television channel denying she had been abducted and saying that she was fine, two days after her disappearance with a local.
DIWANIYA / Aswat al-Iraq: Two women have been abducted in southern Iraq's Diwaniya city on Monday, whilst the body of one of them was found and the second was still abducted, according to a Diwaniya police source.
Summary: BEIRUT: Three people abducted a 28-year-old man at gunpoint in the area of Ouzai, security sources told The Daily Star Wednesday.
Narayanpur, Jan 31 (ANI): Maoists in Chhattisgarh released a civilian, who had been abducted on Tuesday along with five personnel of the Chhattisgarh Armed Forces (CAF), while they were on their way in a bus to Narayanpur District.
Yemeni tribesmen have released a group of 24 local and foreign medical workers they had abducted from a Saudi-funded hospital in the country's north.
KABUL (PAN): A money changer of Shahzada Money Changing Market was abducted Thursday by unknown armed men from the jurisdiction of third district of Kabul city.
POLICE have called for calm after unsubstantiated reports a child was close to being abducted.
Suspected Taliban militants have abducted four staff members of the International Committee of the Red Cross in central Afghanistan, a police official said Thursday.