abducent nerve

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a small motor nerve supplying the lateral rectus muscle of the eye

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Physical examination showed a Glasgow Coma Score (GCS) of 14 (motor response 5, eye opening 5, verbal response 4), abducent nerve palsy, terminal neck stiffness, a blood pressure of 102/79 mmHg, a pulse rate of 90 bpm and a temperature of 35.3oC.
(6,7) The hitherto undescribed entity of bilateral abducent nerve palsy as a manifestation of neuroleptospirosis is reported herewith.
The abducent nerve innervates the lateral rectus muscle which abducts the eye (move away from the midline).
They usually experience persistent headache (usually frontal) and early abducent nerve paralysis caused by apical involvement and extension into Dorello's canal.
Dorsolateral view to the brain with meninges: A= cerebrum, B= optic lobe, C= cerebellum, D= medulla oblongata, E= spinal cord, 1= nuchal flexure, 2= abducent nerve., 3= tentorum cerebelli, 4= falex cerebri, 5= dura matter, 6= arachnoid, 7= dorsal cerebral longitudinal fissure, 8= dorsal transverse fissure, 9= olfactory nerve, 10= optic nerve, 11= trochlear nerve, 12= oculomotor, 13= trigeminal nerve.