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Synonyms for abducent

a small motor nerve supplying the lateral rectus muscle of the eye

especially of muscles

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Bilateral abducent nerve palsy after neck trauma: A case report.
WE was thought to be the most probable cause of death, based on the presence of a metabolic encephalopathy with transient abducent nerve palsy and nystagmus in the context of prolonged vomiting.
He also showed complete recovery from abducent palsy over the next five days and was discharged on the eleventh day after admission.
The abducent nerve innervates the lateral rectus muscle which abducts the eye (move away from the midline).
They usually experience persistent headache (usually frontal) and early abducent nerve paralysis caused by apical involvement and extension into Dorello's canal.
NOBILITY: A gang of foreign brigands having abducent designs on the American Damsel and the American Dollar.
They were located near the soft cerebral membrane, chiefly in the regions of the posterior long fasciculi, the nuclei of the abducent vestibular and trigeminus nerves, under the ependyma, in the area of the cochlear nerve nuclei, the Gover's fasciculi, and in the base of the cerebellum.
of cases % Altered sensorium 38 76 Bulging anterior frontonelle 19 38 Cranial Nerve Palsy Occulomotor 1 2 Abducent 1 2 Facial 6 12 Motor system Hemiplegia 4 8 Neck rigidity 26 52 Kernig's sign 18 36 Brudzinski's sign 11 22 Fundal changes papilledema 7 14 Subdural effusion 2 4