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a small motor nerve supplying the lateral rectus muscle of the eye

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7] In our case, the time between the onset of the initial symptoms and of the abducens palsy was less than a week.
Physical and neurological examination performed at admission verified upper right-sided eyelid ptosis, right-sided oculomotor cranial nerve palsy and partial right-sided abducens nerve palsy without nystagmus (Fig.
Moebius syndrome is defined as a congenital, non-progressive syndrome presenting with typical association of facial and abducens nerve palsy.
We observed 74 patients with isolated unilateral diabetic abducens nerve palsy between 2011 and 2014.
Organic disorders causing esotropia include conditions such as abducens palsy, tonic convergence spasm (part of dorsal midbrain syndrome), pons lesions in multiple sclerosis, [5] myasthenia gravis and Wernicke's encephalopathy.
The syndrome has been characterized by episodic orbital pain accompanied by paralysis of the oculomotor, trochlear, and/or abducens cranial nerves that tends to resolve spontaneously but may remit and relapse [10].
MRSA with progression from otitis media and sphenoid sinusitis to clival osteomyelitis, pachymeningitis and abducens nerve palsy in an immunocompetent 10-year-old patient.
La afectacion ocular ocurre en el 45 % de pacientes con compromiso del sistema nervioso central [1], con papiledema, alteraciones visuales y paralisis del nervio abducens [3].
Amongst the NPC patients worldwide, the abducens nerve was the most commonly affected by the tumor, and multiple cranial nerve involvement were seen amongst Malaysian patients.
For instance, Hikosaka and Maeda demonstrated that somatic sensory information for upper cervical spine is relayed to motorneurons in the abducens nucleus modulating the vestibulo-ocular reflex that causes abduction of the eye to the contralateral side of head rotation to allow for fixed gaze.
Cranial nerve examination revealed a decreased ability to abduct the right eye consistent with abducens nerve palsy.
Wernicke's encephalopathy is characterized by nystagmus, abducens and conjugate gaze palsy, gait ataxia and mental confusion.
Figure 2: 12 cranial nerves Above the midbrain I Olfactory Nose Smell II Optic Eye Eye sight in four quadrants and centrally Above the pons III Oculomotor Eye Eye movement in six directions IV Trochlear Eye VI Abducens Eye Mid pons V Trigeminal Face Sensation in six areas and movement in four areas Alorg the medulla VII Facial Face VIII Acoustic Ear Hearing IX Glossal-pharyngeal Mouth Tongue movement, gag and swallow X Vagus Mouth XII Hypoglossal Mouth XI Spinal Accessory Neck Shrug shoulders or move head from side to side against resistance Table created by Charlotte McCallum based on information from Bickley & Szilagyi, 2009.
13) However, brain MRI is usually not necessary if there is a post lumbar puncture headache, being indicated only when headache is accompanied by abducens nerve palsy, lumbar radiculopathy or diagnostic confusion as a result of neck stiffness.