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Synonyms for abdominocentesis

centesis of the belly to remove fluid for diagnosis


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Ziggy was then prepared for a procedure called abdominocentesis which involves a needle being passed into her abdomen and we were able to confirm that the fluid in her abdomen was blood.
Nuevamente se realizo pericardiocentesis retirandose 500 ml de liquido serosanguinolento no coagulable; adicionalmente se efectuo una abdominocentesis.
Centesis (arthrocentesis, abdominocentesis, and thoracocentesis): The perforation or puncture of a cavity for the purpose of collecting specimens for further laboratory testing.
La abdominocentesis establece la intensidad de la isquemia originada por la torsion, guia al clinico para elegir la modalidad terapeutica y es un indicativo fidedigno del pronostico (Frazer, 2003a).
It covers vascular access techniques, nutritional support, thoracocentesis and thoracostomy tube placement, oxygen supplementation, urinary catheter placement, urohydropulsion, antepubic temporary cystostomy catheter placement, abdominocentesis and diagnostic peritoneal lavage, pericardiocentesis, central venous pressure, and the aforesaid list of supplies, including catheters, drugs, syringes and placement supplies.
When the fluid builds up to a very uncomfortable level, it can be removed by abdominocentesis, or draining the fluid through a needle.