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Synonyms for wound

Synonyms for wound

marked tissue damage, especially when produced by physical injury

to cause physical damage to


to inflict physical or mental injury or distress on

to cause suffering or painful sorrow to

Synonyms for wound

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Goldstein complied with the request because the abdominal wound still was not healing well.
He remained an inpatient for the next six months during which time he had recurrent bowel perforations, a non-healing abdominal wound and became cachectic despite enteral and parenteral nutrition.
By far the greatest concern, however, has been an abdominal wound caused by a third slug that passed below his bulletproof vest and damaged his liver, pancreas and gallbladder, as well as a large vein that carries blood from the legs to the heart.
Use of an Innovative Non-Woven Polyester Dressing and Low Pressure in Abdominal Wound Complicated by Enterocutaneuous Fistula (Poster # 4358)
The abdomen was packed with gauzes and the abdominal wound closed.
Foam may be cut easily to fit a patient's wound that has a regular contour, such as surgical dehiscence or abdominal wound," said Robin Carlstein, Senior Vice President of Advanced Wound Devices at Smith & Nephew.
Care must be taken to avoid other vital structures and closure of the abdominal wound must be perfect, to avoid a hernia.
The disadvantages are that it is expensive, you have to stay immobile for much longer after the birth, the pain is quite great after the birth, there is a risk of infection getting into the abdominal wound and some say mothers do not bond with their babies as quickly as with a natural birth.
Casillas was hit in the wrist and hip, but it was the abdominal wound that caused the most concern.
Cases he presented included trauma, venous and arterial ulcers, a midline abdominal wound, and a wound associated with surgical excision of melanoma of the scalp.
Complications of anesthesia Death in low mortality Diagnostic Related Groupings (DRGs) Decubitus ulcer (bed sores) Death among surgical inpatients with serious treatable complications Iatrogenic pneumothorax Selected infections due to medical care Post-operative hip fracture Post-operative hemorrhage or hematoma Post-operative physiologic and metabolic derangements Post-operative respiratory failure Post-operative pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis Post-operative sepsis Post-operative abdominal wound dehiscence Accidental puncture or laceration Transfusion reaction
o Death in illness or medical procedure categories that typically have a low mortality rate o Decubitus ulcer (pressure or bed sore) o Failure to rescue o Foreign body left in during procedure o Iatrogenic pneumothorax (collapsed lung) o Selected infections due to medical care o Post-operative hip fracture o Post-operative hemorrhage or hematoma o Post-operative physiologic and metabolic derangements, or complications o Post-operative respiratory failure o Post-operative pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis (blood clot) o Post-operative sepsis (bacterial infection of the blood stream) o Post-operative abdominal wound dehiscence (rupture)
Prof Milroy told the jury: "In my opinion there was a strong possibility that PC Broadhurst would have died from the abdominal wound, regardless of the head wound.
An 18-year-old man died Sunday in a hospital, and a 19-year-old man remained hospitalized with an abdominal wound, deputies said.
If you can clean out an abdominal wound and prevent infection, you can save a life.