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Synonyms for wound

Synonyms for wound

marked tissue damage, especially when produced by physical injury

to cause physical damage to


to inflict physical or mental injury or distress on

to cause suffering or painful sorrow to

Synonyms for wound

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Prevention of burst abdominal wound by a new technique: a randomized trial comparing continuous versus interrupted X-suture.
Modified midline abdominal wound closure technique in complicated/high risk laparotomies.
Four patients suffered from abdominal wound infection and were treated with wound dressing, appropriate antibiotics and later resuturing.
This open abdominal wound can be due to traumatic loss of abdominal wall and oedematous intestine and omentum due to peritonitis.
The complications after surgery encountered in this case were not different from those already described, particularly haemorrhage from the corpus spongiosum at the end of urination, infection of the abdominal wound, and partial dehiscence of the urethral mucosa sutured to the perineum [13, 22, 23].
Our first case is a 44-year-old male who suffered an abdominal wound, due to a gunshot.
Key Words: Wound infection, Surgical site infection (SSI), Primary closure, Delayed primary closure, Contaminated abdominal wounds.
They complained of both persistent abdominal wound pain and pain at the cannulation site.
The worst kind of abdominal wound is one where internal organs are exposed or protruding.
Four hours later, abdominal compartment syndrome was diagnosed, and the patient was taken to the operating room where an abdominal wound VAC for open abdomen was placed.
Goldstein examined Mark he could see that his abdominal wound was not healing well.
Rosado, a Worcester mechanic, was in intensive care with a breathing tube, underwent an ileostomy, and had an open abdominal wound for more than a month, said Mr.
pneumoniae was isolated from 5 sites (2 swab samples from the abdominal wound, 1 sample from the throat, 1 sample of secretion from an abdominal fistula, and 1 sample from stool).