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a wall of the abdomen

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The objective of this study was to report a case of abdominal wall actinomycosis with hepatic infiltration, and review the existing evidence.
In the following video, we review the diagnosis of abdominal wall endometriosis, including our imaging of choice, and treatment options.
Abdominal wall fibromatosis has a slight female predominance.
Dr Ahmad Abd El Fattah Nada, a senior consultant of laparoscopic surgery at the University Hospital of Sharjah said: "When we examined her, we detected two abdominal wall bulges and suggested laparoscopic surgery, which proved beneficial in detecting the third hernia.
The defect of supra umbilical portion of abdominal wall was also complete and the omphalocele was covered by peritoneum.
Indications for use include the repair of hernias and/or abdominal wall defects that require the use of reinforcing or bridging material to obtain the desired surgical outcome.
On examination, multiple lower abdominal wall masses involving right iliac regions were observed and the largest one was 6x6 cm in size.
The wound margins were debrided and the abdominal wall was reconstructed in layers with 0/0 polidioxanon (Figure 2).
Here we present the diagnosis and treatment of a man treated with radical surgery for locally advanced sigmoid malignant colon tumor complicated by an abscess of anterior abdominal wall.
An omphalocele is a congenital deformity in which the abdominal organs bulge from the body caused by defects of the abdominal wall due to hypoplasia around the umbilical cord.
ABTHERA ADVANCE Dressing is the next generation temporary abdominal closure device leveraging the technology and success of ABTHERA Open Abdomen Negative Pressure Therapy in bridging abdominal wall openings where primary closure is not possible and/or repeat abdominal entries are necessary.
A 29-year-old female patient presented with a two-year history of a giant tumour of the anterior abdominal wall. The tumour, which was attached to the bladder dome, required a full thickness resection of almost all of the anterior abdominal wall to obtain clear surgical margins, except at the site where it was shaved off the pubic bone.
The abdominal wall defect was reconstructed by suturing by anatomical layers from the depth to the surface.
A 53-year-old male with unremarkable past medical history presented with a new onset left lower abdominal wall swelling and pain.
Abdominal hernias may be described as protrusions of any abdominal organ or tissue within the abdominal cavity through a natural or acquired opening in the abdominal wall that surrounds the organ or tissue.