Heimlich maneuver

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an emergency procedure to help someone who is choking because food is lodged in the trachea

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Though abdominal thrust might look violent, Laureano said it is necessary.
If this fails, then try abdominal thrusts. Stand behind your sister and put your arms around the upper part of the abdomen.
His son, Daniel, tried slapping his dad on the back at the meal, and a nurse instructed him to carry out abdominal thrusts, however their efforts were unsuccessful, an inquest at Exeter's County Hall heard.
After three abdominal thrusts, a large piece of chicken was freed and the woman was able to breathe.
Ashcroft initially tried the Heimlich manoeuvre, which involves abdominal thrusts from behind with both arms clasped around the choker's stomach, pulling tightly to force the obstruction up.
| Squeeze it out - give five abdominal thrusts, otherwise known as the Heimlich manoeuvre.
If that does not work, squeeze it out by giving the patient five abdominal thrusts.
Sgueeze it out give five abdominal thrusts, otherwise known as the Heimlich manoeuvre.
2 If back blows don't clear the object, give five abdominal thrusts: stand behind and hold them around their waist, forming a fist with your hands.
If the child is conscious, give them abdominal thrusts. This will create an artificial cough, increasing pressure in the chest and helping to dislodge the object.
I think we were all surprised at how hard we had to 'slap' when administering back blows and the 'punch' in the stomach for abdominal thrusts was no gentle push either.
"Since then the medical community has determined that back blows, abdominal thrusts, and chest compressions are equally effective treatments for choking and that a combination of more than one method can be more effective."