Heimlich maneuver

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an emergency procedure to help someone who is choking because food is lodged in the trachea

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Repeat the sequence twice, but if this does not clear the obstruction call 999 and then continue with backslaps and abdominal thrusts.
If you're alone and start choking, you can perform abdominal thrusts on yourself - one technique is to force your belly on to the side of a chair or table top.
There's no question the Heimlich manoeuvre - abdominal thrusts - is effective for responding to a conscious child or adult who's choking," Peter said.
That didn't seem to make any difference so I moved on to the next procedure which was to try the abdominal thrusts," he explained.
If the obstruction doesn't clear after three cycles of back blows and abdominal thrusts dial emergency and continue the cycles until help arrives.
A couple of abdominal thrusts later, and the dad, Los Angeles resident Paul Diamond, was breathing freely again.
It was an ignorant question as the abdominal thrusts for the relief of choking have clearly been a mainstay of successive All Black World Cup coaches, used in all of the last five tournaments.
Choking: All camp staff should know how to initiate abdominal thrusts should someone present with an obstructed airway.
The real world need for the abdominal thrusts learned during a makeup class came at home on Super Bowl Sunday.
Call 999 and continue giving bursts of backslaps and abdominal thrusts until help arrives.