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For the abdominal testis, the collateral blood supply may be based mainly on the deferential artery the fetal testes were supplied by only testicular artery and deferential artery in the abdomen (Sampaio et al., 1999).
Light and electron microscopical observations on the Leydig cells of the scrotal and abdominal testis of naturally unilateral cryptorchid West African dwarf goats.
PMDS patients are phenotypically divided into two groups independent of the underlying genetic defect: patients born with bilateral cryptorchidism and patients born with one descended testis that drags the ipsilateral Fallopian tube into the inguinal canal creating a hernia and a contralateral abdominal testis [57, 60].
The 6 testes in fetuses with prune belly syndrome and the 14 testes in the control group had abdominal testis. We did not observe cases of epididymal anomalies in our sample.
Measurement of the blood supply to the abdominal testis by means of near infrared spectroscopy.