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The deep tendon and the abdominal reflexes. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry.
Absence of abdominal reflexes, stop clonuses on the right, positive "tension" symptom, pathological Babinski's reflex from two sides.
In a month after operation positive dynamics was recorded, namely: night enuresis regression, Babinsky's pathological symptom regression at the left, reduction of extremities hypertonus and restoration of abdominal reflexes. Subsequent observation during seven years (2002-2009) has detected that the attained correction of scoliotic rachiocampsis is conserved (17[degrees]).
Neurological Examination revealed--bilateral ptosis; bilaterally dilated pupils not reacting to light; no nystagmus; consensual and accommodation light reflex absent; normal fundus ; absent external ocular movements in all the directions; power--5/5 in all limbs; tone--Hypotonia; deep tendon reflexes and abdominal reflexes absent; plantar bilaterally mute; impaired tandem walking test.