abdominal pregnancy

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Provisional diagnosis of twin dead abdominal pregnancy was made and emergency laparotomy was planned.
Key words: Abdominal Pregnancy, Placenta, Infection.
Intraligamentary Pregnancy: The extraperitoneal type of abdominal pregnancy.
An abdominal pregnancy is a very rare, but potentially life threatening condition and very difficult to diagnose in early stages, moreover it is commonly misdiagnosed.
Sonographic features denoting abdominal pregnancy include fetus being seen outside the uterine cavity, absence of the uterine wall between bladder and fetal parts, oligohydramnios, fetal parts located close to the maternal abdominal wall, and abnormal location of placenta outside the uterine cavity.
Successful outcome of advanced abdominal pregnancy with exclusive omental insertion.
Some symptoms of abdominal pregnancy include gastrointestinal problems and painful fetal movements, explained Rabin.
2,6 The estimated mortality risk of abdominal pregnancy is 7.
Although there are no definitive ultrasonographic markers for a rudimentary horn pregnancy, advanced gestation, a well-defined placenta, and the presence of a myometrial wall can differentiate a rudimentary horn from an ectopic abdominal pregnancy.
In an abdominal pregnancy, an ovum attaches to a body in the peritoneal viscera to begin gestation.
One study patient was found, on referral for a second-opinion ultrasound, to have an abdominal pregnancy at 32 weeks' gestation.
Successful laparoscopic treatment of a ruptured primary abdominal pregnancy.
Extra-uterine abdominal pregnancy is very rare and is associated with high maternal mortality and morbidity largely due to haemorrhage following placental separation.
Advanced Abdominal Pregnancy Resulting from Late Uterine Rupture.