abdominal pregnancy

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Yen, "Retroperitoneal abdominal pregnancy at left parcolic sulcus," Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, vol.
Clinical history physical examination laboratory and ultrasonography findings frequently vary in abdominal pregnancy.
We managed 5 cases of advanced abdominal pregnancy at the East London hospital complex between 2005 and 2009.
Many a time, the cases were confused with abdominal pregnancy as in the case of IUFD in our study, where there were recurrent induction failures.
DISCUSSION: Extrauterine abdominal pregnancy beyond 20 weeks gestation with a viable fetus is a rare condition, with an estimated prevalence of one out of 8099 hospital deliveries.
Routine sonography during pregnancy in our scenario has changed the pattern of presentation of abdominal pregnancy with resultant early diagnosis & decrease in mortality and morbidity.
A diagnosis of rudimentary horn pregnancy with possibility of secondary abdominal pregnancy with single live fetus of 28 weeks was made.
A 26 years old patient, second gravida with previous full term vaginal delivery with 4 months of amenorrhoea came with chief complaint of pain in lower abdomen since 3-4 days and an ultrasound report s/o 14 weeks abdominal pregnancy with fetal demise.
Abdominal pregnancy is an embedding of embryo inside a peritoneal cavity, restricted from ovarian, intraligamentary, or tubal embedding.
One patient was diagnosed with abdominal pregnancy. The patient treated for choriocarcinoma was thought to have an adnexal mass after the scan.
Abdominal pregnancy is defined as pregnancy anywhere within the peritoneal cavity, exclusive of tubal, ovarian, or broad ligament locations.
Abdominal pregnancy is a rare form of ectopic pregnancy estimated to occur in 10 out of 100,000 pregnancies in the United States [1].
Twin abdominal pregnancy is rarely encountered by gynaecologists throughout their professional career.
An abdominal pregnancy is a nontubal pregnancy in which the implantation site occurs in the abdominal cavity and has a very low incidence (1%) [2].
Ovarian cysts should be differentiated from uterine leiomyoma, nonpregnant horn of bicornuate uterus, appendiceal abscess, diverticular abscess, pelvic kidney retroperitoneal tumour, endometrioma, hydrosalpinx, mesenteric cyst, abdominal pregnancy, metastatic lymphoma and sarcoma.