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centesis of the belly to remove fluid for diagnosis

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Abdominal paracentesis was performed, and 5 ml of uncoagulated blood was removed.
Effects of repeated abdominal paracentesis on uterine and intraovarian haemodynamics and pregnancy outcome in severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.
In addition, all patients underwent abdominal paracentesis, abdominal ultrasonography, and computed tomography at first presentation.
Diagnosis was made on the basis of abdominal paracentesis ultrasonography and/or abdominal computed tomography (CT).
If this study is able to determine that asymptomatic spontaneous bacterial peritonitis is common in cirrhotic patients with ascites then it can be logically concluded that every cirrhotic patient of ascites should undergo abdominal paracentesis to rule out spontaneous bacterial peritonitis.
Abdominal paracentesis with careful analysis of ascitic fluid should be a very early step in evaluating patients with ascites.
Risk of complications after abdominal paracentesis in cirrhotic patients: A prospective study.
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