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centesis of the belly to remove fluid for diagnosis

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Abdominal paracentesis was performed, and 5 ml of uncoagulated blood was removed.
Performance standards for therapeutic abdominal paracentesis. Hepatology.
described measurement of P02 in the peritoneal air by abdominal paracentesis that was helpful in differentiating between the two [30].
Abdominal paracentesis is not helpful as it is usually negative for bacteriologic cultures and cytological studies.
Peritoneal fluid analysis: Ascitic fluid analysis, Peritoneal tap or abdominal paracentesis, or abdominal tap, part 3.
Abdominal paracentesis revealed turbid fluid in 46 (95.7%) patients; 2 patients came with raised serum creatinine levels and 5 patients with associated bilateral pleural effusion on USG.
The procedures are central venous cannulation, radial arterial line placement, endotracheal intubation, lumbar puncture, abdominal paracentesis, thoracentesis, and knee arthrocentesis.
In addition, all patients underwent abdominal paracentesis, abdominal ultrasonography, and computed tomography at first presentation.
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