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Synonyms for palpation

an act of touching


Synonyms for palpation

a method of examination in which the examiner feels the size or shape or firmness or location of something (of body parts when the examiner is a health professional)

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The subject of the public contract is the delivery of one piece of abdominal palpation simulator.
The abdominal palpation showed no abdominal distension, mass or any fluid inside the abdominal cavity.
The Japanese have developed and refined the art of abdominal palpation.
The abdomen was distended, and further examination revealed hyperactive bowel sounds, rebound tenderness, and voluntary guarding at the RLQ No organomegaly was identified upon abdominal palpation.
Abdominal palpation revealed mild to moderate tenderness in the same ecchymotic areas.
There was no guarding or rebound to abdominal palpation, but minimal suprapubic tenderness and right side costovertebral angle tenderness was noted.
In contrast David Blee and Elaine Deitsch have used a phenomenological approach when exploring the literature about the woman's experience of abdominal palpation in pregnancy.
The guidelines overturn current recommendations that doctors carry out abdominal palpation and consider pelvic examination if women present with symptoms of ovarian cancer because diagnosis of cancer is usually done when the disease is advanced.
Abdominal palpation and rectal examination provide important diagnostic evidence of colonic lithobezoars.
Most important, however, is abdominal palpation, in which the veterinarian's hands probe the abdominal area along the entire length of the colon to see if it is distended with fecal matter.
Clinically, a central, painless epigastric mass was palpable on abdominal palpation.
The fourth patient, the 9-year-old girl, had severe abdominal pain and tenderness on abdominal palpation, profound hypotension (blood pressure 60/30 mm Hg), and a generalized hemorrhagic rash.
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